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Why Should You Make Use of Fly Screens?

Fly screen is a plastic net screen which can be fitted over many different types of doors and windows. The fly screens provide ventilation and it prevents flies, mosquitoes and other bugs from entering the house. The fly screens are very popular among people as it is one of the fine inventions and serves the purpose.

Fly Screens
Fly Screens

Origin of Fly screen

The fly screen was found in the year 1832 and after that, an advertisement for fly screen was published in the year 1836. After that in 1861, Gilbert Bennett and company had officially announced the manufacturing of fly screen in their company. In 1868 the patent for fly screen placed by Bayley and thus the market for fly screen started to emerge bigger.

Applications of fly screen

At the nascent stage, the fly screen was used in smaller size using wired cloth. After experimenting in many ways, people decided to use them as the ceiling for the top less cars. The reason is that they can provide good ventilation and prevent dust and other particles from entering while allowing ventilation. But the actual usage as fly screen for doors and windows was initially proposed in the year 1901.

Types of fly screen

The fly screens are classified based on the materials used to make them. It can also be classified into three basic types based on the way it works.

Standard fly screens

Standard fly screens are very common among the people. The fly screen is placed over the window by using the strap over it. The screen can be removed while cleaning, but it cannot be replaced. The screen once fixed is always fixed. The frame is attached outwards or inwards of the window.

Retractable fly screens

Retractable fly screens are used as a ruler or shutter. It can be pulled down when the user need it and when there is no need for it then it can be ruled up. The fly screen is stored in a mesh when it is rolled up and the mesh will hide the screen within it when rolled down. These types of fly screens are suitable for doors and windows which are somewhat complicated to use.

Magnetic fly screens

Magnetic fly screens are fixed at one place, but it can be removed for cleaning. Magnetic screen is sealed tightly by the means of magnetic pull. The magnetic frame is placed over the window for a certain perimeter and the screen will be placed or fixed over the perimeter. The magnetic fly screens are very secure and the way it sticks to the frame is somewhat difficult to remove.

Fly Screens
Fly Screens

Materials used to make fly screens

There are some different types of materials that are used to make fly screens. Each of the fly screens has its own significance and importance.

  • The combination of aluminium and fiberglass are the most commonly used materials used to build the mesh of the fly screen. The reason is that the aluminium provides less visibility. It has tendency to be firm and it has ability to withstand minimal endurance. 
  • Fly screen made of bronze is much firmer and it has an ability to last longer than the aluminium screens. The insect screen made of bronze is quite expensive than the aluminium one. These types of screens will become darker after using it for nearly a year or more than that.

There are many other materials such as nylon and copper which are also used to build fly screen and popular among people. 

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