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How to Perfect a Textured Render Finish

The primary coat of cement or plaster which is applied on stones, bricks or mud bricks is known as render. The layer of cement acts as a sheath on the bricks, mud brick stones or stones. Now, the pattern of the finishes can be different after application. It may be textured, painted, or colored. According to the equipment the textured render finish can be natural or colored, fine or coarse, pigmented or painted, textured or smooth.  Such applications have been used for centuries now. Cement rendering of mud houses, concrete or cement houses in order to make the exterior walls look better.

Textured Render Finish
In many houses, both exterior and interior walls have been made in this process for better appearance or to get the desired look. Different styles and patterns can be noticed in different countries depending on their culture, taste, history and architecture. Every country has their own form of traditional colors and styles. It’s very prominent in various forms in Southern Europe.

A beautifully presented home not only looks attractive but also brings out the taste of the owner. No matter what you choose, it will show their taste and preferences. Coming to texture coating, it acts as an amazing sheath against the walls which are very attractive. Textured render finish gives an amazing finish to the walls, and makes it look sophisticated. Any room of average look can be uplifted with this kind of finishing. The smooth surface against the cemented walls will give an attractive look to our rooms or outer walls of the house. Colors, textures, patterns, and style can be decided to peace our minds and impress the visitors.

Advantages of Textured Render Finish:

Textured Render Finish
  • Enhanced durability: Resilient against water, UV rays from the sun, wind, sudden changes in the temperature or weather. When it is used as an interior paint, it offers extreme resistance to flaking, peeling, sagging and fungi algae growth.
  • Attractive looks: Long gone are the days of simple paint of a single color on the walls. Texture render finish brings a definite persona and a character to the walls of the room. They are far better than the wallpapers and monotonous wall colors.
  • Covers defects and cracks on walls: Under humid and hot temperature, we often tend to see the paint coats to come off at a very early stage. In textured render finishes the sagging and cracks on the walls are easily covered. This particular render finish is of a thick consistency which tends to correct the faults, uneven surfaces and imperfections on the walls.
  • Low maintenance: As this type of finish is extremely resistant and durable, it requires none or very little maintenance.

Tips on Applying Textured Rendered Finish on the Walls:

  • We must consider the drying and hydration time. The mortar should be left for few days before the work and longer in wet season to evaporate the water.
  • The water which is added in the mortar mix must evaporate first as it can later cause damp or cracks on the walls. It can also make the paint bubble by dissipating out of the wall.
  • Plaster calls, snots or small beads of render can get flickered on the wall and must be scraped off.
  • Proud render spots can be fixed by making them wet and applying plaster floats on them.

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