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What is The Average Cost of Gas Heater Replacement Services?

The electric heaters consume almost one-third of your home's overall energy usage. In addition, most of the electrically powered systems produce greenhouse gases that increase the carbon footprint of your home. In such a scenario, gas heater replacement service can turn out to be the ultimate option. Powered by clean, efficient, safe and affordable natural gas, these heaters not only decrease your monthly utility bills but enhance the value of your property too.

Gas Heater Replacement
Gas Heater Replacement

However, homeowners who are planning to install gas heater systems in their homes are often confused about the costs that would be involved in the process. If you are struggling with the same situation, then worry no more, as this article reveals what factors have an impact on the gas heater replacement services and how the average cost can be evaluated.

5 Things to Consider to Analyze The Expenses

There are five important factors that should be taken into consideration in order to evaluate the expenses of replacing the gas heater and these are:
  • Equipment: The cost of equipment is based on the type of heater that you have already installed in the premises. The systems that offers lower efficiency do cost less, yet they result in higher utility bills. While the efficient models might be bit expensive, still the return on investment makes them worth it.
  • Kind of Gas Heater: There are two types of gas heaters commonly used in residential properties and these are: portable and flue gas heaters. In case of flue gas heaters, the pipes carry the heat to different parts of the home, while portable heaters provide targeted heat only to a particular space or room.
  • Heater Size: The professional contractor considers the size of the heater to determine the amount of work that will be involved. For a larger space, you would require a powerful heating solution, while the same will not be essential in case of a small room. For those who already have the system, the contractor would remove the furnace and then install a new one.
  • Installation Costs: The gas heater replacement service can be complicated and demands the expertise and skill of a certified professional. Even though you can buy the gas heater yourself, still you must seek the help of a reliable contractor for installation. The service charges tend to vary from one contractor to another and prices should be compared to find the one that provides the best quality service at reasonable price.
  • Additional features: To improve the functionality of the heating systems, most of the homeowners emphasize on the use of smart tools such as programmable timers, filter cleaning warning and thermostats. The installation of these tools would again add to the cost of gas heater replacement.
By taking an account of these aspects, you will get an average estimate of what the cost of replacement would be. For this, you can even take help of a professional and make the most of his services.

Signs That You Need Gas Heater Replacement

Now that you are aware of the expenses of gas heater replacement, let us focus on the signs that indicate you need to replace the heaters immediately.
  • Rusty waters coming out from the heater along with bad door
  • Weird rumbling noises are heard when you use the heater
  • The water leaks every now and then and isn't hot enough
  • The heater is prone to frequent repairs and maintenance
If you experience, either one or more signs then do consult a professional contractor and go for gas heater replacement services on-time

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