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Probing Into The Different Types And Mechanism Of Digital Door Locks

The traditional locks today are being replaced by the electronic door locks, or digital door locks as these are commonly referred to. These advanced door locks prove to be much safer and better option specifically for two significant reasons, namely:
  • It eliminates the problems of losing traditional keys and then forcing open doors
  • It offers automation features such as remote locking or unlocking 
With easy availability of cutting-edge technology, more and more security providers are now coming up with these electronic door locks that are suitable for both homes and businesses.

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In the traditional key locks, a variation of the ancient “pin and tumbler” method is used wherein the cylinder of the lock is held in place by the line of small metal pins. On the other hand, in these digital door locks there are special parts called “actuators” used. This connects the cylinder or the bolt to the small motor buried in the frame or the door itself completely, making it hard to pick.

This motor is operated using electrical impulse that is triggered by:
  • The electronic card reader or
  • A keypad or 
  • A wireless remote-control sensor. 
Either way, these locks are the safest option because the actuator will only open the door when the correct electronic input is punched in.

The different types

When it comes to choosing the digital door locks, there are different options and varieties to choose from. It all depends on your need, preferences and budget.
  • Biometric locks are very popular and secure. It has a small computer installed inside the lock itself. There is also a scanner attached to it to take the information of the person in the form of fingerprint or retina scan. It then compares it with the stored information and if it matches, the computer sends the release signal to the lock to allow access to the person.
  • Passcode or password systems are equally popular and safe option to choose. A computer is attached to the lock. There is also a keyboard or a number pad attached to it. The person wanting entry will have to punch in the right sequence of numbers and/or letters. The computer will match the input to the stored code in its memory and if it matches, will send the lock or unlock signal.
You will also get RFID or Radio Frequency Identification locks that works on chips. These types of digital door locks are fast becoming popular among the users for its increased safety features. The chip stores all info in it and can read it with the RFID reader. These small chips can be attached to ID badges of the employees. The RFID reader attached to the computer of the lock, scans it from a distance, often a couple of feet from the door, and sends the signal to the lock to open the door.

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The pros and cons

There are lots of advantages of using digital door locks, though it will be unfair to say that there aren’t any downsides. As for the pros, it includes:
  • No need to carry keys which is good for forgetful people
  • It is easy to share access
  • It is also easy to revoke access and 
  • It is difficult to pick and break-in by the thieves and intruders.
As for the downsides of the digital door locks, if it is often powered by electricity, there can be issues during power outage. The best solution to this is to invest in a lock that also comes with a backup for traditional keyed entry.

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  1. Digital door locks are very reliable when it comes to home security. Many times these prove effective than home alarm systems.