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5 Signs your car needs brake repair

Those who are owners of cars or trucks or any other heavy vehicles must be having a constant urge to check whether every part of the vehicle is functioning properly or not. Needless to say that a little precaution can save so many lives. Among all the parts, a brake is one of the most important ones. This is one of the significant features to be taken care of that also reflects the owner’s careful attitude towards the vehicle and society. 
Brake Repairs

Surprisingly, people often overlook the need of proper brake maintenance, even though a properly functioning brake can help a car to run for a long time. Here are the 5 signs which will help you to analyze when your car will require services related to brake repairs.

Points to keep in mind regarding brake repairs

  1. Vibration Of The Brake Pedal: The first sign to look for is the sign of a vibrating pedal. In case you press the foot down on the pad and the pad shakes whenever you press the brakes, it means it has problems. These kinds are referred to as ‘pulsating brakes’. The root cause of this problem is generally the heat or broken brake pads. Sometimes re-machining of the pads can be done and may prove as a viable solution. In case, it does not help, then the broken or the problematic pads are must be replaced with the new ones to avoid future complications.
  2. Presence Of Problematically Thin Brake Pads: It is the duty of every driver to pay close attention to the structure of the brake pads, especially the thickness of the pads.  In case, if the person cannot determine the appropriate time to buy new brake pads, there is an easy way. The buyer can find out that by looking at the existing ones through the spokes of the wheels. The outer part of the brake pad is pressed against the hard metal body of the rotor. If only ¼inch of the brake pad is visible, the brake pads are then considered to be too thin to be replaced immediately.
  3. Weird Noises Coming Out From The Brakes: Drivers should pay close attention to the sounds coming out of the brake. In case you feel that weird, unusual sounds are being produced by the brake, make sure to check it immediately As often unusual sounds are produced by a broken brake. All cars have a particular device which separates the brake pads and the depression of the brake. If one hears a rattling or clicking noise, it means the car needs new brake pads. One also needs to check out for a shrill, screeching sound too, caused by the metal part around the brake pads while being pushed fully. The growling or grinding sound is the serious one among all. This is caused by the friction of the brake caliper and the disc. In that case, brake pads, as well as the discs need immediate repair.
  4. When The Car Is Pulling: The vehicle pulling to one side can refer to various problems of different natures, such as problems with wheels or something. The driver should see whether the car is being pulled to one side, even when the vehicle is under braking. If it happens, it means the pads are worn out and needs immediate brake repairs.
  5. The Warning Lights: Every car and any other heavy vehicle, in general, have the warning light. The driver or owners need to see whether the ‘Anti-Lock Braking System’ or ‘ABS’ warning light lights up. This refers to the shortage of the brake fluid and needs to look for a leakage in the main cylinder.
Follow these brake repairs rules for ensuring a safe journey. 

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