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Top 4 Nuisances That Clog Your Drains and Solutions to Recover from It

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No matter how much efforts you pull off, it is hard to hide or ignore the problem of clogged drains as it can get right into your nose and hit your skull badly. The nightmare of drain blockage can be really excruciating, so let’s face it; it will not be something you can easily forget. It imposes a lot of inconvenience and chaos in your household especially when blocked drains begin to encourage bacterial spread, causing the unbearable stink and disgust. It is an inevitable predicament that almost every homeowner experiences once in their lifetime, and it demands urgent attention and action, or you will risk you’re the health and well-being of your family.

There are many nuisances that play the role of dangerous nemesis for the issue of drain blockage. From hair, grease, foreign particles to heavy tree roots and branches that arrive from forceful storm, all contribute to damaging the smooth water flow system inside your household drains. Before you do it yourself to clean the drains or call a professional blocked drains expert in your locality, there are causes you need to know and their solutions so as to shield the healthy functioning of your household drains.

Accidental or deliberate hairfall

Most of the time, when a plumber dips their nose to clean the damaged drains, they find hairballs networks entangled with various other small objects. This is because many homeowners tend to take the quickest way to dump their hair. They don’t like to bother a little more to collect and ditch those strands in trash bin in their premises.

Organic material: plants, roots & leaves

Although the force of water down the drains is enough to push debris, some heavy organic materials like leaves, roots and plants are strong enough to remain in place. They get stuck to the internal surfaces of drain pipes especially in the time of spring or heavy torrential storm. Roots especially grow and approach drains in search of water, which means reeky blocked drains.

Oil and grease

When you wash utensils of kitchen in sink, fatty substances like grease and oil prefer to cling to inside walls of the pipes. It will eventually grow enough to forbid any liquid to pass through those pipes. These substances are too stubborn to clean easily.

Blocked Drains Cleaning

Various other objects

You think all these natural hazards are the only things causing trouble? You may want to examine your own junks. Children’s toys, nappies, leftover food, napkins are miscellaneous foreign objects that people often flush down the toilets.

What to do with it?

Although it is wise to discuss the issue with a professional plumbing company that are equipped with skills and equipment, it is better to have knowledge of such things before they strike your peaceful life:

  • The best way to keep plants, roots and leaves from spoiling your drain water system is to maintain the cleanliness of outdoor garden area and eliminate all organic debris regularly. It is also a best practice to maintain the distance between your house and certain plans like willow, oak, magnolias, hardwood shrubs, palm trees, etc.
  • Just along with hair, grease and fatty substances also need special dump treatment or it will go hard when temperature falls down and promote blocked drains. So make a habit to discard kitchen fats in a small garbage container.
  • Make sure your young ones will not flush anything in the toilet, and that you use separate dustbin to dispose of food scraps and other waste.

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