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Ways to plan an office party in the bar

Employees in an office work all round the year with complete dedication and hard work, and throwing office parties once in a while, is a welcome change that they appreciate and get motivated by. Preparing for a perfect office party can seem to be a daunting task; however applying some simple ideas can make your task easier. Usually, office parties are planned and hosted in offices itself. But, if you wish to go with the trend, then you can shift the office party venue to bars. It is not necessary to have an expensive budget to host an office party, having simple and creative ideas can also make a party special. 

Most of the parties in offices are hosted on office days itself. However, you can host a party on weekends or on a Friday, when everybody is in a party mood. There are certain things to understand for planning an event, and if you learn them your party will surely turn out to be a happening one.

Tips to plan office party in a bar

Let us go through some simple tips which can help you out in planning a great office party in a funky place such as a bar. Mentioned below are some of the most effective tips:

Fix the budget:
You should set the budget first, before getting into the details of the party preparations. It is better to determine the theme of the party in advance so that you fix the budget accordingly. Planning in advance can help you in controlling various aspects of the party like schedule, venue, catering, and other related things. There is no issue if you have a limited budget in your hand, all you have to do is be creative and include themes like BBQ party, wine tasting session, games, and much more, which are few inexpensive options. Some other interesting themes for the party are costume party, money for charity, and others.

Prepare invitations in advance:
After the theme and budget are fixed, you need to move to the invitations. A simple invitation is best suitable for an office party. You need to mention several important things in the card such as theme, date and time, and the name of the bar where the party is going to be held. If it is a corporate party, then you circulate the invite via email and make it bold and attractive.  

Make arrangements for food and decorations:
The bar where you have fixed the venue for the party should be decorated in the best manner and as per the theme. When the venue looks attractive, it immediately creates a festive mood. In addition to this, having a huge variety of food items on the menu is also an important feature of a party. Drinks are a mandatory aspect of any party, so make sure that there is enough for everyone. Another suggestion with respect to food is to avail the catering services. There are certain packages available to choose from, which will make your task easier for the party. Even the bars’ manager can help you out with it.

Music and dance:
Usually, office parties are considered to be pretty boring. But, when you are hosting an office party in a bar then you can make it sensational with DJ or a band. You need to book for it well in advance so that there is no problem later.

If you want your guests to remember the party for a long time you can present them with some souvenirs. It can be related to office work, or the theme, or anything else you like. 

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