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Tools Used to Fix Blocked Drains

What will you do if you face blocked drains? Will you call your plumber or try to fix it on your own? What are the essential tools that you should have at your home in case of an emergency? You need to deal with such questions when you face such issue in your home. So before anything goes wrong, you need to be prepared.  


It would help if you always kept some basic tools to fix the blocked drains like a plunger, rubber gloves, homebrew, drain snake, etc. However, you can't do all the tasks of a plumber, like installing or repairing geysers and cleaning blocked drains at the underneath level. Therefore, here is the list of some tools which every plumber should include in their kit.

● Plunger

Not just the plumber, but you should keep this in your home to unclog the drains. In addition, it is useful in cleaning the draining pipes and floor drains. Before you press the plunger down, make sure you submerge it into the water. Now you press down the plunger and try to collect the solid substances from your drains. 

When you release the plunger, the vacuum will draw the clog upwards. By repeating the process several times, your blocked drains could get unclog. Make sure that you don't exert too much pressure while pushing it downwards. Once you clean the drains, you can pour some warm water to prevent foul smell.

Hand Auger

It is also known as a plumber's drain snake; you can clear deeper drains using it that plunger can't. A professional plumber must carry this along with their other tools. It is a long steel wire cable. This long cable can easily reach the remote area of your drains and you can rotate or twist it to unclog your drains. Once the wire reaches the blockage, the motor is turned on, and the clog particles start breaking into pieces. These particles can quickly drain out and thus, clearing the blocked drain.

● Drain Cameras

Some blockage may be deep inside, which cannot be easily visible through naked eyes. Therefore, using the CCTV camera makes it clear for a plumber to see how deep the blockage is and use the apparatus accordingly. Tree roots can penetrate into your underground drainage system and you need to call a plumber to locate such clogged areas by their CCTVs. They can reline your drains with PVC materials if required.

● Water Jetting Machine

You can clear the blocked drains by using a hydro jet that ejects the water stream's high force. Its high pressure results in the breakdown of stubborn clogs into smaller bits which quickly flow out of the drain. Hence, this tool can help clear the blockage formed by the soap layer, grease, oil, sludge, etc.

● Hacksaw and Tubing Cutter

The plumber uses a hacksaw to cut hard materials like bolts, nuts, and pipes made of metal or plastics. These cutters are available in different sizes in the market. It is better to avoid using such tools at your home because you are not trained in this field and you can get injured. You can rely on a professional plumber in this regard.

How to prevent blocked drains?

  • To avoid the collection of grime, you can pour hot water into your drains. It will lead to the loosening of dirt from the surface of pipelines or drainage systems.
  • Put a filter on your sink, which will block the food particles from entering inside the sewers. Similarly, put the strainer in your bathroom sink and bathtubs, which will prevent clogging because of hair.
  • Don't flush large particle objects in your toilet and sink.

Hence, you require skills and a good set of tools to handle such issue and you can hire a plumber to keep your blocked drains neat and clean.

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