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Gutter Replacement: Facts You Should Know

The rain gutter is a narrow passage or pipe, which collects rainwater from the top of the building and facilitates its passage from the duct into a drain. Gutters come in all shapes, sizes, colors and prices. You can easily choose a gutter as per your needs as there is a wide variety to choose from.  However, you should always choose the best gutter replacement services too. Finding the right gutter is a tough job and it involves a lot of brainstorming. Usually, there are only two shapes in which gutters come.

Type of Gutters

  • K-Style Gutters- These gutters usually have decorative front side shape and flattened bottom and back. Also, you will find them to be affordable durable. They have a classic crown molding profile as well and also, have gained popularity in western countries during recent times.
  • Half- Round gutters- These are modern gutters and have a curved base. This system has a high rainfall water carrying capacity. They are seen popularly in commercial buildings due to their practical shape.

Materials Used in Gutters

Gutters are not only made of one metal, but you have a wide choice to select from.  The metals used in making residential gutters are as follow:

  • Aluminium
    • Most widely used metal
    • Lightweight 
    • Does not rust easily
    • Can be painted for enhancing their look
  • Copper
    • Exceptionally beautiful
    • Does not rust easily
    • Extremely affordable
    • Gutter replacement is easy
  • Zinc
    • Expensive option
    • Need the help of experts for gutter replacement
    • Rates high on the durability factor
  • Vinyl
    • Lightweighted and inexpensive
    • Available in dull colors
    • Does not support ladder

Rules of Gutter Replacement

Gutter Replacement

  • If the gutter is in a good condition, in the sense that they are straight, solid and don’t have any kind of leakage, they should not be replaced. You will be wasting your money if you do so.
  • If it is actually leaking, you should not go for gutter replacement immediately. You can check if there is any possibility of getting them repaired. You can call a general plumber to get it repaired if the issue is not highly complicated.
  • If you are going for a gutter replacement, you should first consult a knowledgeable person in this field so that he/she can recommend you on the best materials. The replacement should be at least equal to the original gutter that has got damaged.
  • In the end, it is your call. You have to decide which gutter you are going to select. You should not blindly trust the consultant as he/she might give you wrong advice. You are the best person to make the right choice as you know your requirements and budget.

Cost of gutter replacement and its benefits

The cost of replacing a gutter can cost you $4 to $30 per linear foot. It depends on the types of materials that are used in making the gutter such as aluminium, zinc, vinyl etc. Generally, the gutter replacement costs $1600 to $2175, inclusive of all the labor and material charges. Installation of a new gutter is safe for your health and house too. Few benefits of gutter replacement are as follows:

  • Keeps your basement dry.
  • Protects the house from damage by rain and snow.
  • Prevents erosion of soil.
  • Helps to keep the surrounding dry and water free.
  • Prevents decay.
  • Helps to preserve the environment.
  • Protects the walls of your house.
  • Helps to prevent leakage from the ceiling.

There are many more advantages of gutters. You should make a right choice when it comes to your gutter replacement as a lot of things are dependent on these fittings Also, your house and environment will be secured only if you make a right choice, pertaining to these fixtures.

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