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Maintaining air conditioning at office

It has been proven in studies that the productivity of employees is directly proportional to the environment in the office. An employee mood is completely dependent on the surroundings. If the room is too hot or too cold, it affects his performance. Right from the installation to the routine maintenance, the air conditioning system has to be in perfect working condition, with proper insulation and casing, so that the office environment can remain cool in the best way.

air conditioning installation
Air conditioning installation
As the outer temperature begins to increase, the working of air conditioning system is affected. But this kind of situations can be changed by proper maintenance of AC. 

How would you maintain your air conditioning system at the office?

Keep Curtains and Windows Closed

It is important to keep the sun away from entering the office. This helps in regulating the office temperature. So, keep all the factors that allow sun into the office like blinds, curtains, and doors closed. This will help in lowering the temperature in office which in turn leads to less workload on air conditioning system.

Stop Changing Thermostat

Contrary belief that changing thermostat improvises the temperature of the room, the thermostat must not be changed often. Place a board near the thermostat mentioning to not change it. It is recommended to keep 24oC in summer and 22oC in winter. The thermostat can regulate the amount of temperature inside any room, so it should not be changed all on a sudden.

Regular Maintenance

It is important to have an annual checkup for your air conditioning system. This can be done before the beginning of winter season. This helps you in ensuring the performance of the system.
The maintenance of air conditioning system must be carried out by a bonded, licensed and insured HVAC professional.

Check the filters

The air filters must be checked once per month. This must be surely done in summer as that is the time when allergies and dust are circulated. If there is any clog in the system, it will make it harder for the air conditioning system to work properly and generate cool air.

Place the Air Conditioner in Shade

Air conditioning systems which are present in proper shade will definitely improve the performance of it. So, make sure that the air conditioner outdoor unit is also present under shade only.

air conditioning installation
Air conditioning installation

People should not heat the thermostat and also use the dehumidifier in the best way:

Don’t heat the thermostat

Do not place any TV sets or lamps or any other heating devices near the thermostat. They will heat the thermostat which will result in the low performance of AC. As the temperature of thermostat increases the air conditioning system performance decreases.

Use Dehumidifier

Although the air conditioning system consists of the dehumidifier, it is better to have a dehumidifier in the office which prevents excess seepage from the office.

Keep the surroundings around AC clear

It is important to maintain the surroundings around the air conditioning system clear. Make sure that the exterior of the air conditioner is not obstructed by anything. The bushes and other plants around the outdoor unit must be trimmed back.

Clean the Equipment

The each and every part present in the AC must be cleaned thoroughly. This helps in avoiding the dirt, grime or any other obstruction present. Use a vacuum to clean the dust and dirt around the AC ducts.

The pleasant environment will help the employees provide the best work; this will, in turn, improves the company’s reputation. In places where pollutants like chemicals are used, the air conditioning units remove the harmful particles present in the air and boost the health of the employees.

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