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All You Need to Know About Wood Waste Management

Wood has always been a great source of energy mainly during the mid 1800s. It is even considered as an important fuel in many countries. Earlier it was mainly used for cooking, heating and light purpose. Bark, sawdust, wood chips, wood scrap are the waste from wood. Wood is renewable source of energy and it is a part of natural carbon cycle on earth. Natural source of energy is limited, it cannot be replenished if they are depleted. So, you should use these sources wisely with wood waste management.
Wood Waste Management

Where wood waste is used and what about wood waste management?

Many wood and paper product industry use wood waste to generate electricity and steam which helps them to save money. These industries incur less expense in purchasing fuel and paying electricity bill. Not only paper industry but also coal burning power plant uses wood waste i.e. wood chips to reduce sulfur dioxide smokes emission. Electricity power plants, industries and commercial business use most of the wood waste. In 2016 around 2% of annual energy consumption source in US was from wood and wood waste and 19% was used by residential part.

What are the different ways in which wood waste is used to remake materials?

1. Make shelves: A great idea would be using these pallets for making new shelves or book holders. These are DIY projects and you can take some used pallets just fix them on the shelves. Create patterns that you like, which could be ascending or vertical or almost anything that you want. 

2. Plant Holders: What better use of these pallets than for outdoor purposes. You can create a rustic plant holder or even a small gardening area using these pallets. The plant holders just need to be polished well to create a new look. If you want something rustic, then you can retain the look. Just throw in some sand and soil to create the base for your plants. Also, you can mix and match to create a balance of pallets and pots.

Wood Waste Management

Waste wood can also be used to make Wall Decor

You can use the pallets as an alternative for with wood waste management for your wall decor too. You just need to arrange them on top of your bed in vertical shapes to create the look of a textured wall. These can also be arranged as shelves on top of the bed so that you are able to store things on top too like may be books or even decorative items.

1. Other furniture pieces: Used pallets can also be used for making other smaller furniture pieces like the side dresser. You can make a seating arrangement using these pallets too. The side dresser or even a make do coffee table can be made using these leftover goods. You can also create other items for them like outdoor benches or even just small stands for keeping your pots.

    2. Wine holders: Another great idea of putting used pallets or with wood waste management is to better purpose would be making bottle holders or even wine holders out of them. You just need to study a DIY tutorial for this and get started. The process is rater simple and you don’t need to much here except the basic tools.

    And lastly, do be creative and not scared of trying out anything new. These pallets are sensible investments for anyone who wants to give carpentry a shot or try their luck with some innovation or designing purposes. So go ahead and get creative with wood waste management.

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