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Exterior Plywood- Suitable Option for both Outdoor and Indoor Use

Plywood has been in use for constructing many homes and commercial constructions and is often used for walls, ceilings and as such. Plywood is a series of wood layers glued together, to be explained in the simplest form. It is made from layers of solid timber veneer that are usually about 3 millimeters thick. Exterior plywood can be used both indoors and outdoors, but interior plywood should never be used outdoors in any situation.
Exterior Plywood
Exterior Plywood

How to Identify Exterior Plywood?

One can identify exterior plywood simply by reading the marks on the plywood to identify it. Common plywood markings generally have three letters, which indicates the application of the plywood. The most typical marking for exterior plywood is "CDX." The “X” sign indicates that it is meant for exterior use or that it is exterior plywood. However, always keep in mind that exterior plywood is not limited to be used for outdoor purpose only. “A” graded plywood is the best quality exterior plywood available and is the least damaged one. 

Used Indoor Too

This type of plywood can be used. It almost always gets used as a subfloor in maximum household. This is so because it has got good waterproof qualities (when plywood is meant to serve as exterior plywood then waterproof glue is used) that will help resisting moisture from below or water that may be spilled from above. Exterior plywood has also been used on countertops around sinks. It has find use even inside cabinets. Exterior plywood works very well for just about any interior application. High quality exterior plywood is also used for storing garden materials in garden sheds, or for making a small yet durable cubby-house.

Different Exterior Plywood Materials

The kind of materials used for making plywood veneers is very important to take into consideration, while shopping for exterior plywood.

  • Pine happens to be the most common underlying material in exterior plywood.
  • Spruce- this material always exhibits strength and is very durable. Even it is sliced very thinly, it will be strong.
  • Mahogany- this material is best suitable option among different exterior plywood material choices for constructing cabinets and furniture. This is so because this material has tendency to stay free of any voids and pockets within its grains.

There are different types of wood that are available to make exterior plywood

  • Douglas Fir- this material is ideal for constructing structures meant to endure or support heavy loads, as it offers excellent sturdiness
  • Birch- it happens to be the strongest materials used for making exterior plywood but is mostly sandwiched between other veneers, since it is vulnerable to temperature change.
  • Oak- exterior plywood will not be of good use if it stays devoid of this material, as it provides it immunity to insects and fungus infections.
  • Maple- exterior plywood gets its attractive texture from this material.
Exterior Plywood

Choosing the right materials for exterior plywood and applying the best coat of veneer can enhance the longevity of the plywood

All these materials can be used to make exterior plywood. Sometimes just 3-4 veneers are used and each of these can be any of the above-mentioned materials. There are different categories of exterior plywood like moisture resistant and boiling water resistant and their gradations vary according to the exterior applications for which they are bought.

Exterior Plywood happens to be slightly more expensive, but its utility value far exceeds its price value surely. It does not require finishing unlike others, and it does not interfere with its usefulness. This plywood is strong, durable, and strong and can be used both outdoor and indoor. Exterior grade plywood is better than interior plywood. Superior quality glue (phenolic resin) is used in exterior plywood.                                                  

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