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Who Is Celebrant? How to Hire Best Celebrant?

Some occasions need special and experienced people to perform formal ceremonies. One such required individual is the celebrant, whose job is to conduct various formal and extra-legal ceremonies during an event. A celebrant is a qualified individual who helps in planning and designing a ceremony. Such a person is authorized to provide these services and help people perform ceremonies according to religious settings. Purpose of their appointment is legal reasons of a place. They are sole traders in these occasions and work on their own. The most popular name given to a celebrant is wedding celebrant or funeral celebrant.


1) Wedding Celebrant: These celebrants, also known as marriage celebrant, are authorized and appointed by the government to handle various kinds of rituals performed in a marriage.  They perform marriage ceremonies for people who do not want to get married in a church.  

2) Funeral Celebrant: They handle and perform funeral services. They take care of every ritual during the funeral, address the congregation and manage all necessary ceremonies to ensure everything happens as per the requirements.

3) Other Type of Celebrants: In addition to marriages and funerals, celebrants are also known for conducting rituals and ceremonies for various other occasions. They could be: Anniversaries, baby naming ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, birthday, boat naming ceremonies, memorials, renewal-of-vows ceremonies, ash-spreading ceremonies, naturalization ceremonies, dedications and event ceremonies.  

Who Becomes a Celebrant?

In addition to getting Cert IV in Celibacy from an authorized and registered training organization, one should fulfill some requirements to make legal people sure that they are fit to offer services in the arena.

Although celebrants are legally appointed through ceremony-conducting sources, it is necessary to hire them carefully. Before getting their services, one should know the reason to appoint them for an occasion. In addition to checking their services, there are several other ways to ensure that the right legal person has been hired for the job.


Hire Few Days prior To Occasion

Funeral celebrants cannot be hired here, but marriage celebrants should be booked many days before the wedding day. This will ensure availability of the authorized individual, and give you a chance to discuss quotes with them. Good thing about booking a celebrant in advance is that he gets enough time to prepare for the ceremony and make plans to ensure that everything happens the right way.

This also allows one to discuss with an expert about the type of wedding they are planning and what they expect him to do. A celebrant can design and plan services according to that.

Qualification and Experience

It is necessary to ensure that the celebrant is authorized to conduct ceremonies and has years of experience in the arena. These individuals are trained experts and are given license only after certain qualification and training. Before hiring one for an occasion, one should communicate with the professional and ask about their qualification and certificates in the arena.

In addition to this, an expert could also be asked to provide samples of ceremonies and wordings they use during an occasion. You can also look at their past work to see how good they are.

Discuss Fee and Choose Best

Different celebrants can come with different price tags and may charge according to an occasion. One should discuss the occasion type and fees of the celebrant. Here, more than one professional should be contacted to ensure that the best has been hired. To ensure if the celebrant could be trusted, one should try to figure out his connection. It is necessary to know if the celebrant belongs to a network or association, or work individually. 

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