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What is Civil Litigation and How Civil Litigation Lawyers Will Help You

Civil litigation is a term used to describe a legal process applied to non-criminal matters. It means that when two or more parties have become embroiled in a legal dispute seeking anything specific rather than criminal sanctions, it results in civil litigation. These matters have potential to end up in court but is not considered under criminal law. Civil litigation will aim to resolve disputes such as, family law disputes, court custody cases, disputes between card companies and individuals, disputes involving landlord and tenants etc. There are many issues that fall within the border category civil law, and might present opportunity for civil lawsuit:

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  • Breach of Contract- regardless of the issue, a breach of contract is a civil law matter.
  • Fraud – there are high chances that it is a criminal cause of action for fraudulent behavior, but certain areas of civil law provide additional causes of action for fraud.
  • Real Estate Conflict – anything from an argument over the placing of a fence to nondisclosed toxic waste deposits or vermin infestations, comes under civil matters.
  •  Defective consumer products
  • Landlord tenant disputes
  • Personal injury – if any defendant injures the plaintiff in some capacity, and the plaintiff sues on some relevant theory.
  • Family law – it is a civil matter but is generally recognized as an entirely different court system.
  •  Worker’s compensation and employment related claims.

Litigation matters should never be handled on your own as you are not experienced in doing so. Since you are personally involved you need someone who can objectively approach the legal matter. Here the role of a civil litigation lawyer comes into the picture. Each case is different and thus needs specialized legal services that provides an individual with the best litigation lawyers. The role of a civil litigation lawyer is challenging and diverse. It is a process where two or more parties are pitted against each other. If you are faced with any of the civil matters or litigations, there are legal services that provide you with the best and experienced civil litigation lawyer to help you protect your rights and answer any questions that you may have. In addition to answering your questions, these legal services have lawyers who can also help with the following:

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  • Provide the necessary skills and experience vital to save your interests
  • Determines if your case needs negotiations
  •  They decide whether or not to settle your lawsuit out of court
  • After careful analysis of your case they determine whether to settle or go forward with the trail
  •  They take on the most effective strategy to resolve your issue
  • Ability to synthesize complex legal and factual materials
  • With the help of their superior interpersonal skills, they devise legal strategies to help you win your case.
  • Help you organize all your documents for evidence
  •  Discuss your trial options
  •  Points out faults in your case
  • Represent you during all the court hearings, arbitration, mediations and trials

With the help of these legal services you are bound to be helped by these professionals. They possess firm knowledge of the legal matters and fully understand the principles and intricacies of the underlying disputes. Majority of civil matters usually pass through all the stages of litigation. Majority of the cases are settled prior to trial. Having said that, there are some that do reach the trial verdict, and majority of them are not appealed. 

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