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Truck Transmission Repair Services Allow You to Drive Safely and Securely

To get the most out of a truck fleet, it is essential to hire the right people for repair services. Maintenance of a fleet can be a difficult affair, requiring several mechanics. This is especially the case with the transmission, which bears most of the brunt of long haulage. Apart from hiring a professional team to proactively handle all repairs, it can be helpful in knowing some basic truck transmission repair tips.

Guidelines truck transmission repair:

Truck Transmission Repair
  • How to Choose Repair Services: While a variety of factors need to be considered with the selection of repair services, there are mainly 5 factors you must check at every cost.

  • Customizable Services: The repair firm must be flexible with their services. They should provide the services that you require. While they may offer more, those services should not be a part of the package. They may be useful at times but you should not end up paying for them even for the rest of the year.

  • Responsiveness: A truck that stops moving in the middle of hauling freight becomes a major reason for the occurrences of losses in a business in the future. As such, the repair services must be responsive enough to handle all transmission repairs as and when required. They should reach the designated spot quickly and get your truck back on the road as soon as possible.

  • The Network: A truck’s transmission system can fail anytime. If this happens when the truck is hauling cargo, your business is sure to get affected. As such, your repair partner must cover the area where you operate your trucks. In other words, if your trucks operate within a state, your repair partner must have the same coverage. Otherwise, it can be difficult to find a reliable repair centre quickly.

  • Certified Mechanics: For the best results, you must always get your truck transmission repaired by a trained and certified professional. A commercial repair partner who offers certified mechanics proves to be invaluable as they fix the issues as soon as they start to show and assists in keeping all the trucks in a sound condition. Hence, it maintains the stability in the performance of the truck in the long run.

  • Cost Containment: It is essential to stick to the budget. Spending too much on repairs can affect your bottom line and your business. Your repair partner must work with you to develop a maintenance program, taking into account your business processes.

How to Repair Truck Transmissions Yourself

Truck Transmission Repair
In order to save money, you can attempt truck transmission repair yourself.  You can also train your drivers to undertake simple repairs in case they get stuck in the middle of the road. Here are a few steps you can follow to repair the transmission.

  • Start by lifting up the truck. These vehicles have large bulky transmissions. Use a lift to pick up the truck and use a holder to keep the transmission stable.
  • Now, you need to disconnect the drivetrain and the linkage. The drivetrain can be disconnected through the transmission. Let it hang. The shifter linkage can be removed and disconnected from the flywheel.
  • Once the above components have been disconnected, you can let the transmission fluid drain 
  •  Now, you can start to take out the transmission. Loosen the bolts holding the transmission to the frame. A lift should be directly under the transmission to prevent it from falling down.
  • Open up the transmission housing so as to gain access to its components. Make sure that the bolts are kept safely away from dirt and grime.
  •   Replace the bearings to prevent the buildup of heat.
  • Use a clean rag to wipe and clean the old metal. Get rid of any metal shavings as they can easily ruin new gears.
  • Replace or repair every malfunctioning component.
  • Once completed, assemble the transmission and put it back into place. Refill the transmission fluid.

With regular truck transmission repair, you can ensure that the truck operates at an optimum level. Don’t forget to hire the best mechanic to make sure that they are malfunctioning units of a truck gets fixed as soon as possible.

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