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Some Signs Your Home Needs a Window Replacement

Do you have a feeling that the window frames of your house have become too old? The frames might be damaged and the panes might have visible scratches. However, you might be worried about the costs involved with window replacement and trying to determine if it is worth the expense. Given below are some of the points for your reference.

Window Replacement

# High Electricity Bills

If your electricity bills have suddenly increased, your old window frame might be the problem behind it. Don’t see the connection? You must have heard about how strongly your heater has to work during the extreme winter days. Now, the best way to ensure that it doesn’t have to work at the higher density than required, to make sure that no cold drafts are coming into the house through the doors or the windows.
Hence, the windows have to be properly closed and sealed. Avoiding the same will make your house cooler, causing the heater to work harder and thus result in the hike in your electricity bill. Here are some ways to check whether your window frames are letting in cold winds and have to be changed:

  • Hold out a light or a candle near the window while it is completely closed and move it around the frame. If the flame flickers once in a while, your window is letting cold winds in.
  • Another way to find out if your window needs a replacement is to stand next to the closed frame just after taking a shower. If you suddenly feel cold as you approach the window, the frame might have been displaced and is incapable of blocking out winds completely.
  • You can also switch off the lights in the room and check if any light is entering through the window frame. This technique will reveal even the faintest of cracks which might be allowing the cold drafts to enter and cause your furnace to work harder.      

# Rotting or Cracked Frame

If the frames of the window are visibly rotting or have become cracked over the years, it might be time to think about window replacement. Not only damaged frames drop the temperature of your cabinet, but also gives an ungainly appearance to the room. Rotting frames might also let rainwater trickle in during heavy rains, thus causing damage to the walls and other items in the room.   

# Damaged Window Panes

Old window panes might become brittle over the years and develop cracks and scratches. If these are too visible and are affecting the aesthetic appeal of the room, you must give a thought to a replacement. Cracked panes do not only give a sloppy appearance to the room but are also hazardous for health.  Replacing a cracked window is even more important if you have had kids in the house.  

# Problems in Operation

Window Replacement

This is an obvious one as a window that isn’t opening or closing properly cannot go unrelated for a long time. You will have no choice but to get it changed with a newer and more efficient design. Problems in operation also include loud creaks on moving the frames, windows only closing halfway, or the frames getting jammed every now and then.     
Hence, if you find that your windows have one or more characteristics discussed above, it might be a good idea to consider a window replacement. Make sure that you pick sturdy frames that come with a warranty from the installation service. It is always a good idea to hire experts as they will ensure that the right frame and panes are chosen and the installation and fitting is done efficiently.

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