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Should You Get a Split System Air Conditioner?

Of the different cooling systems available for homes, the split system air conditioning unit is one of the most popular choices. These units are made up of two sections. One unit is meant to be placed indoors by mounting them on the wall. The other unit is kept outdoors. The indoor unit is responsible for cooling the room by driving in the cool air. The heat of the room is pumped out from the space through the outdoor unit. The temperature of the air is controlled by means of a refrigerant.

While a split system air conditioner can seem like a good addition to your home, there are a few things you should know about it. More specifically, you need to check out its pros and cons.

The Advantages

A split system air conditioning unit has several benefits. They are discussed as follows.

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  • The Visual Impact: Air conditioners of the traditional variety are generally huge and bulky. They are certainly prominent. Moreover, by being placed under a window, they become easily noticeable. This tends to affect the appeal of the room and its d├ęcor. This is not an issue with a split system air conditioning unit. They are more inconspicuous due to their smaller compact size. Additionally, their modern facade makes them suitable for most kinds of rooms. Finally, these are located near the ceiling, making it less likely that people will notice them.

  •  The Versatility: With the traditional systems, you would have to create a sizeable hole in the wall to fit them in. Moreover, you had very little freedom with their placement as they had to be placed near windows. This is not the case with a split system air conditioning unit. Their outdoor units can be placed nearly anywhere, from the ground to being hung. As a result, you can place the indoor unit at any suitable place, from a room to the garage. All you need to do is make a small hole for the tubing.

  • The Maintenance: It is extremely easy to maintain a split system air conditioning unit. All the main components are washable with minimum fuss. Their filters can be removed and re-assembled with ease. The outdoor unit requires little maintenance, although they can be cleaned quickly.

  • The Energy Efficiency: With split systems, the temperature of the room can be controlled as per your needs. Their temperature can be controlled with the thermostat. Moreover, these units make more efficient usage of energy. In fact, you may notice a significant drop in your energy bills if you switch to these systems from a traditional one.

The Disadvantages

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In spite of the advantages, there are a few drawbacks associated to the use of a split system air conditioner. Here are some of them

  • The Price: This is one of the biggest challenges of installing a split system air conditioning unit. They tend to be costlier than the traditional systems. However, this is only the initial cost of purchase and installation. The energy savings down the line more than make up for it.

  •  The Installation: It is essential for you to hire a professional to install a split system air conditioning unit. However, you will have to opt for a professional authorized by the manufacturer. In most cases, the guarantee might be voided if you do not hire a licensed professional for the installation.

Despite the drawbacks, you will find that a split system air conditioner is a perfect choice for your home. Of course, you must take steps to find the most suitable model in the market. Keep an eye on the energy ratings as higher energy savings equate to greater money savings in the long run.

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