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Use Patio Sun Shades To Enjoy Home Comfort With Low Utility Bills

There are people who do not bother to check their utility bills and pay whatever is charged by the utility providing company with blind faith. What about you? Are you aware enough whether your hard earned money is flowing away due to unnecessary energy loss? Yes, it may happen. 

Patio Sun Shades
Patio Sun Shades

You should assure identifying sources of energy loss with a home energy audit by a qualified professional. Perhaps, as in most such cases, apart from rectifying energy-wasting problems in a home due to home comfort equipment, an expert would advise you to install
patio sun shades to lower your electricity bills.

Statistical Data on Energy Utilization by Homeowners

You need to learn the nature and extent of energy loss in your home. According to surveys and assessments, 9 % of your utility bills are the energy you have utilized for your refrigerator. 14% of the bills are for your water heating system. 33 % of the bills are due to your home equipment like lights, air purifiers, ovens and other appliances. And, 44 % of your utility bills are for the energy you have used for heating and cooling your home. Based on these averages of energy service bills of homeowners these data are really alarming. Are they not startling enough?

Now, you should analyze your service bills to formulate a justifiable plan on identifying the possible reasons of energy wastage and ways to prevent such losses. You can prioritize your energy requirements and use patio sun shades for a complete energy efficiency plan.

Patio Shades Are Ideal To Reduce Utility Bills

Global warming is the leading topics among other hot topics. Yes, the planet earth is going to remain hot, if not hotter in our lifetime. Some of the long hottest summers have already been recorded at many places in the world. You can expect hotter and drier summers and your utility bills to skyrocket, round the year. You cannot stay away from this relentless heat or take a break to a cooler place. Therefore, you have to operate your air conditioners without a break. You can cut off your energy bills by preventing heat losses by conventional ways of insulation and all. But, patio sun shades will be additionally beneficial to reduce your service bills.

Patio Sun Shades 

You can save up to 30% of your energy bills by installing such shades in your home. Solar heat gains entry to your home making your home hotter and your air conditioners to work harder with extra effort to keep pace with the outside heat. Patio shades on your rooftop and balcony and other installable areas act as sun screens and blocks to the extent of more than 90% of the sun rays. Your air conditioners can operate efficiently without having to work harder and will consume very less power and let you save a good chunk bucks. These patio sun shades are very much durable and cost effective in terms of their performance.

These Shades Enhance Home Comforts

Patio shades enhance Home comforts in many counts. Some of the amazing effects are as follows.
  • Classy Looks: they are available in varied color and design for you to choose from according to your preference.
  • Attractive shapes and sizes: you can choose among many attractive and eye-catching shapes and sizesand can add a traditional or most modern look to your home.
  • Provide protection from UV rays:  you can ensure protection from very harmful UV rays. These patio sun shades can repel up to 75% of UV rays.
  • Protects from the wind: protection from unwanted wind provide you a pleasant environment.
  • Easy to install: they are very easy to install and can be attached to trees, poles or posts with the hardware component.
  • Simple operating system: bead chain and clutch operating system ensure their operation easy and simple
With patio sun shades, you can make your energy saving goal possible while keeping yourself from the heat of the sun.

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