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Things To Consider Before Buying Timber Bi-Fold Doors

Timber bifold doors are elegant, beautiful, and a great choice for those who want to give a traditional touch to their home. They create a perfect link between indoor and outdoor of your home, especially between your garden and home. They are not only an aesthetical addition to any home but also add value to your property. There are wide ranges of choices available in colour, making them a versatile option that compliments every home decor, from traditional to modern. This design gives an extra edge especially to conventional style homes or period properties due to its vintage lure. However, you should be careful when choosing between different types of timbers. 

Timber Bi-Fold Door
Though new timber bi fold doors require minimal maintenance, they require regular varnishing and painting to retain their appearance in the long run. Some low-quality timber might get deteriorated, undergo contraction and expansion when exposed to moisture and heat and eventually will stick to frames or won't close. Also, timber doesn't let in as much natural light when compared to other materials such as aluminium. However, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind if you're still planning to go with timber.

Tips for buying timber bi-fold doors

Being an expensive investment, you cannot just buy the one that you come across first. Make the right choice by considering the following tips:

#1. Type of timber

Engineered timbers are considered more ideal for timber bi-fold doors because of the dimensional stability they offer. They are much stronger than solid timber. Timber used for quality bifold doors is usually engineered from different pieces of wood which stick together in layers with polyurethane and it is these layers that offer stability and strength. Though engineered timber is costlier than non-engineered one, it will protect your doors longer. Which type of timber you prefer to purchase is completely up to you. However, make sure to consider the already existing interior decor and colour before making any purchase.

#2. Door size 

This is another crucial thing that you need to consider before buying timber bi-fold doors. Door size and the number of panels included matters a lot when it comes to choosing bi-folding doors. Bi-fold door sizes are limited, so it is important to check if the size you need is available. In the case of renovation or remodelling, you need to find the panels that fit properly. Here, simply replacing a common door with a bi-fold door doesn't work as bi-fold doors need finished openings. In the case of new construction, you need to select the doors first and develop an opening based on the door size.

Timber Bi-Fold Door
#3. Type of glazing 

Considering the type of glass glazing is another important thing that you need to consider when buying timber bi-fold doors. There are a lot of options available for glazing, including triple glazing, solar control, self-cleaning glass, laminated glass, leaded glass, etc. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, get information about glazing alternatives before choosing your timber bi-folding doors.

#4. Track system 

This is also an important aspect in bi-fold doors. Weathered type and flush tracks are the most common options available. Weathered type is used for protecting from water ingress. Flush tracks are the ones that do not bulge or expand rather acts as a smooth transition of the interior to exterior flooring. Track systems may need additional drainage to let away the rainwater.

All in all, timber bi-fold doors offer good insulation, giving the frames an excellent thermal property. They are also good for security. However, consider the above-mentioned tips to make the right choice on timber bi-fold doors.

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