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Reasons of Buying Prefab Granny Flats As Best Option For Property Investment

The prefabricated homes are quite popular nowadays, as people find it more convenient to buy mobile homes than the ones that are built on fixed lands. The costs of all types of homes are pretty high at the moment and people find it very tough to manage funds for buying own home for themselves. In this present scenario, the home buyers find the prefab granny flats to be the best choice for them, if they have a really very short family. These one room mobile homes are preferred as good choices for property investment by common people, who have limited budget for buying a house.

Prefab Granny Flats

Main causes of preferring to buy prefab granny flats in low budget

  • The low cost of the prefab homes is the primary reason for their popularity among common people. The cost of the prefab granny flats are considered as the cheapest in the market, though the prices of these houses vary according to the size, basic location where it is built and the amenities provided inside each house. The cost per square foot includes the prices of all the interior features included in the house, which is still far lower than all other homes for sale in the market.
  • These prefab homes are usually constructed in the factories and thus, can be tailored according to the needs of the buyer, without spending too much money. As the total home is transported as small pieces packed in boxes to the building site, the shipping charge is quite low in this matter.
  • Most of the manufactured homes need to be built according to the rules set by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department of US government. But the prefab homes can be built by taking permission from the local authority only, which is much easier to get by the buyers.
  • These homes are more durable in nature, as they are constructed on steel frames. So there is hardly any chance of being damaged by termites. These steel frames cannot be rotten or shrink like the wooden parts, extending the longevity of the house. No highly volatile material is used in this construction and the steel frames can bear very high temperatures, for which it is less likely to be destroyed by fire easily. So the money spent for buying it is worth for the homeowner, as he will have to spend very little for its maintenance.
  • The transportation and the installation of the house parts are quite simple, as very light materials are used for the construction of these homes. Therefore, the prefab homes are most popular as the mobile homes among the mass.
  • These homes are provided with internet connection, for which it is easier for the owners to be connected as soon as he shifts into it. He can also take the online help from the manufacturing company, if any issue is spotted while living here.
  • The prefab homes are perfectly eligible for home loans, for which the buyers do not need to worry about the arrangement of funds for buying these houses. Sometimes, they may also receive in-house financing from the manufacturer of these buildings as well.

Therefore, the prefab homes are now highly popular among the people having low level of income. There are many types of prefab homes, leaving many suitable options for the home buyers as per their needs. 

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