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Looking for a party hire? Read this first

Parties are all fun and frolic but planning them is definitely not. Planning a party is a difficult task in itself let alone organizing the guests list and choosing the venue. But there is always a way out. In this case, that is a party hire. You can leave all the party planning and organization to the experts and you can only focus on the guest list and the invites. But before you jump into party hire, you should ensure that the planners you are hiring are reliable and know how to do the job. For that, ask a few questions and analyse the answers to conclude that your investment in party hire would lead to a successful and well-organised party. Here is the list of things you need to consider and the questions you need to ask:

Party Hire

Ask: What kind of parties do you organise more frequently?

This question is a way of determining the area of expertise of a particular event hire company. Parties can either be corporate or casual family affairs. Corporate parties include business-to-business parties as well as business-to-customer ones. Social parties have a lot more sub sections. Now, with so many party types, each party planner is bound to have an area of expertise. You need to ensure that the party planner you choose has the expertise to handle the type of party you are planning to host.

Do: Look them up on the internet and check for negative reviews.

The party hire company may be all talk and no work. You would never be able to differentiate such companies until you experience their services yourself. But, now we have the internet. You can check for reviews on online blogs and forums. This way, you can know the reliability of party planners based on the negative reviews they have received.

Ask: What services are included in their fee?

The party planners have a pre-decided list of what services they provide under what costs. This, you need to know about in detail. You need to look for services that are not included but would be necessary in your party and ask about the extra costs. Also, some party planners have several hidden costs that they do not reveal upfront. You should ask about all the hidden costs so that you do not cross your budget unknowingly.

Do: Ensure party health and safety:

The party planner should be up to date with all the health and safety regulations and be precise in carrying out event specific risk assessments. Ensure that the event hire company possesses an event planning liability insurance and all the party suppliers are adequately insured as well. Make sure that the company has proper provisions for event safety management, site safety rules and medical provisions as well as provisions for the differently abled people.

Party Hire

Ask: What is your cancellation policy?

Make sure you enquire about their cancellation policy. Ask about the details of the contract terms up front. You can never be sure anything that is planned in the future. So, it is safe to know what the party planner would charge you if you cancel, postpone or dramatically change the planned party. Ask about the consequences if the party gets cancelled due to bad weather. Ideally you may be charged for the hours of service already utilised in case of a cancellation. There are different terms for the party getting ruined due to the ‘act of God’.

Summing up, I would just say that just do not be impressed by a party planner who is a smooth talker. Check out how good the planner really is through his previous clients. Look out for party hire professionals who make huge promises and fail to deliver at the end.

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