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Choosing the Best Shelves for Your Storage Needs

Whether you are looking for Industrial, Commercial or Domestic use, shelves are a must have storage solutions. While choosing shelves for your home will be simple, picking up the best shelves for your storage needs in a commercial environment requires some amount of basic research. Whether you are a retailer or a factory owner, you must choose a shelving system that perfectly serves your requirements. Warehouses must have the right shelving systems that are both cost effective and serves their purpose of storage. It is important to understand the utility of shelves that you choose to buy. So, before you pick up the shelf of your choice, ask yourself. 
  • Why do you need shelves?
  • What do you want to store?
  • Is your shelf for domestic use or for a commercial establishment or warehouse?
  • Are you looking for an office shelf system?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much space do you have for installing the shelves?

Some of the common shelves used for industrial purposes include

#1. Mobile Shelving
These shelves come with omni-directional wheel housings which make them easy to move around. These racks can be configured according to your needs and these are best for safe movement of heavy material. 

#2. Wire Shelving
This type of shelving involves a wire mesh that rests on stands. The objects are then stored in a wire mesh. Usually, the frame is made of antirust metal. This kind of shelving system is used mainly by food retailers and warehouse owners.

#3. Rivet Shelving
Rivet shelving is one of the most prevalent types of shelving systems that are used for industrial purposes. This type of shelving is made with a series of interlocking rivets and gravity which provide a platform on which materials are stored. 

#4. Pallet Rack Shelves
Pallet merchandise is best stored on these fork lift pallets. This is an industrial storage system that encourages storage of heavy duty goods. 

Most self-installable shelves come with accessories that make life easier. These include:
  • Shelving Casters – Wheels that make immobile shelves move.
  • Wire Shelf Label Holders – Best for labeling. Makes stored products easy to find like in retail shops.
  • Wire Shelf Storage Baskets – Best for storing small items.
  • Wire Shelf Dividers – Best for breaking long shelves into partitions for storing different things.
  • Shelf Covers- To protect items stored from pollutants.
  • Wire Shelf Hanger Tubes and Ledges – Saves things stored from falling. The hanger shelves may be used to hang cloth material
  • S hooks and Shelving Components – S hooks help in attaching two wire shelving units together while shelving components make it easy to assemble your shelf and give it the form your want.

Shelves Used for Security: These days, many organizations and institutions are using shelves to safeguard valuables of their employees. These open wire security shelves come with locks. 

Best Shelves for Retail Stores: A good choice of shelves that make best use of storage in limited space includes high density shelving systems mostly seen in retail stores. These types of shelves have movable aisle that make them easily movable from one place to another. Remember, the best shelves are chosen when you know the purpose that they serve. Some of the best shelves are those that can be moulded according to your needs. Go for adjustable shelves with brackets. 

The Best Shelves According to your environment: It is best to use Chrome Wire shelves in hot regions, epoxy coated in humid regions, polymer shelves near sea sides, Anti-microbial shelves in dirty warehouses, and stainless-steel shelves in any environment to get the best results. So, always choose the shelf that you can best utilize.

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