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Learn About Spray on Concrete and Their Major Benefits

Spray on concrete is available in both dry mixes as well as in wet mix. It is known as gunite in dry mix and shotcrete in wet mix. These are very old processes and are still being used and trending as well. Gunite was introduced in the year 1895. However, it was sold during the 1900s. As the name suggests the dry mix is in the dry state and the wet mix is in semi-liquid form. Be it the dry mix or the wet mix spray on concrete, both are really helpful and have made the works easy.

Spray on Concrete
Spray on Concrete

They offer many benefits some of them are expressed as follows

  • They are cheaper than the actual concretes as the latter tend to break or are destroyed easily.
  • They need experts for this job because not everyone can use the sprays perfectly and efficiently.
  • The sprays are highly beneficial and thus are recommended over the original replacements.
  • They have high strength, and do not easily get destroyed and can fix the two parts of broken concrete to make it stronger than before. They stick them together in a better way.
  • They have low permeability. As they are strong enough, they are even waterproof and do not let the pores pop in. They make the floor smooth and no air clogs or water penetration can occur easily. Thus, they are better than the actual concretes which are replaced after the concretes break.
  • High durability which means they last for long. You can expect it to be in good condition even after many long years. This is the reason they are chosen for many grounds.
  • Reduction in formwork. The replacement takes a lot of challenging work and becomes really complicated but sprays are much easier and make the work easy and faster.
  • Saves time and saves a lot of money too. In comparison with the other works, spray on concrete is pretty easy, takes very less time for completion and even takes less effort from the servicemen.
  • It gives high early strength. You could also use it before placing a tile or a concrete. That would strengthen the floor better and stronger.
  • Low water and cement ratio. This definitely increases the tensile strength of the concrete and the floor.
Spray on Concrete
Spray on Concrete

  • It gives amazing adhesion and bond strength.
  • It has the ability to convey the material above 200 metres of the point of application.
  • It is the oldest proven process and the age long usage proves that it is the best method to strengthen the concrete and the floor.
  • It can make any old or broken concrete to a new concrete. It changes the entire look and gives an amazing finish to the surface. The customers love it and use it quite often.
  • It also makes the slippery floors better and little rough to avoid any falls.
  • It can also be used to give the floor different patterns and styles, to give it little paint touch and to make it look better and more beautiful.
  • It is a unique advanced procedure. It sounds fancy and of advanced technology.
  • It gives an attractive finish to the floor.
  • It is very cost effective.
  • They have easy to maintain as well.
Thus, the spray on concrete is a better option to strengthen your concrete floors. They are cost effective as well as give the floor attractive finish. These should be used by people to grab the advantages as mentioned above. 

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