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How to choose the best sports physio studio for your need?

Before offering the tips to choose the best sports physio studio, let us ask, do you know why you need one? Well, sports physio or we can call as physio-therapy is not a very new concept however; the profession has started getting recognition since past few years only. Sports physical therapy as we call it includes the caring of the athletes related to different kind of sports activity. It allows the athletes to heal and get ready for their sport in more organized manner without using much of the medication and that is the reason why sports rehabilitation is more important. 


Now let us tell you about how to choose the right sports physio studio when you need:

#1. Consult your doctor:

Being an athlete you are bound to have few scrapes here and there which means there will be a doctor’s number on your speed dial. If this time the injury is bit more then you can call your personal doctor and ask them for suggestion regarding the Physiotherapy or studio where you can get the proper treatment with the help of exercises and proper mechanical movement.

#2. Ask your peers or coach:

Your peers are athletes like you and must have faced one or the other injury in the past. So talking to them can help you in finding a good sports physio studio for your healing. Apart from your fellow mates you can also consult your coach. Coaches are there in this profession for years and have seen and experienced several injuries in their tenure plus they know the nature of your sports and injury.

#3. Most popular among other athletes:

Search the studios used by the star athletes and if it fits the budget then select the one among the choices. But do care that the star athlete should belong to your sport only.  The person treating the patients of certain sport eventually gets experienced in the same and that particular sport injury treatment becomes their forte.

#4. Reputation:

It doesn’t matter if the sports physio and rehabilitation studio is related to a private practitioner or a hospital until they have a good reputation in the market. The level of reputation can be checked through social media platforms where people freely express their views on everything.

#5. Local hospital for recommendation:

If you are in a different country and face an injury then it’s better to ask the official doctor of the event if they don’t have one then you can also call to the local hospital for suggestions regarding a good sports rehabilitation studio. Anyhow you need to be there for few days before leaving for home till then the local recommendations can easily work out.


#6. Proper management:

While visiting the studio check about the management or routine offered by the therapists. If the routine is not properly planned then it will be better to avoid that particular studio, as therapy requires a proper routine of exercises and treatment. The therapist who cannot create a proper routine for you will hardly be able to treat your injury properly.

#7. Experience:

Before choosing the physio studio, take a look on their clientele. It will show their experience in this field. As we have told earlier every sport brings a different kind of injury. You need to check their experience about whether they have any hands on experience on the athletes belonging to your sports activity or not.

People often make the mistake of identifying a fitness expert and the physio coach as similar ones. But when you visit a physiotherapy studio, it is essential to choose a person who has done specific courses on Physiotherapist only, since he or she will be well-acquainted with the technicalities. You can consult with the physio for monthly or weekly sessions to stay fit. 

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