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Refreshing Houses with Beautiful Bathroom Ideas

Reviving an old and tired washroom does not need the entire room to be overhauled. If properly planned, starting from the bathroom tiles to other bathroom vanities, style and character can be added to the bathroom and make it look completely new at a relatively inexpensive price. Some of the factors that play a vital role in choosing the appropriate bathroom ideas are-

Bathroom Tile

The variety of bathroom tiles that can be used

  • Stone bathroom tiles – It is very important to use natural stones tile because they are very good moisture absorbents.
  • Quarry bathroom tiles – These tiles are usually a mixture of clay or shale. These tiles are slip resistant and come in excellent shades of colors.
  • Slate bathroom tiles – One more mixture of clay or shale tiles. These tiles are also slip-resistant and are available in sophisticated shades for cool bathrooms.
  • Limestone bathroom tiles – If house owners are looking for a pleasant beige or brown color, these are a good option.
  • Granite tiles – These tiles are porous. Hence, it is very important to keep the floor dry. So, these tiles should be used on countertops rather than on the floor.
  • Marble bathroom tiles – Since marble tiles are softer, the right kind of cleaning agents should be used. If the right cleaning agents are not used, the marble tiles can show constant wear and tear.
  • Pebble bathroom tiles – This type is a good option for bathroom flooring. Along with being durable and exhibiting a delicate appearance, every pebble in the flooring is not like the other. This creates a mosaic kind of environment in the bathroom.
  • Ceramic and Porcelain bathroom tiles – The difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles is the amount of water they can absorb. Porcelain tiles have a lower absorption capacity compared to the ceramic tiles. Since porcelain is denser, these tiles are more durable than ceramic tiles.
  • Glass bathroom tiles – These tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms. These tiles are either frosted or glossy and are available in assorted colors.
  • Metal bathroom tiles – These tiles provide a sophisticated style to the bathrooms. These can be best used for borders and back splashes.
Bathroom Tiles

Different bathroom ideas for flooring

The bathroom floor acts as the base for the entire bathroom. If the floor makes the toes of the user happy, it makes the entire body happy as well. Considering all the tiling options it might be a little challenging to choose the best tile for the floor. There is a variety of bathroom tiles for suitable bathroom flooring. Along with slip resistant and absorbent types, adventurous bathroom tiles can be suited for the bathroom floor also. Heated floors act as good options as well. There are two primary types of heated floors – hydronic heating and electric heating.
Electrically heated floors use electricity to keep the floors warm during the winter. Porcelain and ceramic bathroom tiles can withstand the heat generated by the electricity. Hydronic heating uses water flowing through the tube under the floor to heat them. This is a more complex system to be installed. Based on this, it is easy to understand why many people prefer electrically heated floors.
Floor heating has long-term benefits with respect to cost as well. This may be very expensive from the point of initial investment; however, it helps in saving utility bills later. Moreover, it heats the room with the help of radiant heat, which means that the entire room is the same temperature.
In addition to making the bathroom look new with good flooring, additional features like an accent shelf, towel bars, mirrors, and glass partitions can be added to the bathroom to entirely give it a new look

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