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Ways Tree Roots Can Cause Drainage Problems

The tree roots that grow towards the drainage system can pose serious threat and invade the entire system easily. This problem is emerging to be a common reason behind drain issues, and something which each and every homeowner should look after.

In case of slab foundation, the roots grow up and creep into the pipes where the drain penetrates into the slabs and then starts growing in the toilet pipes. Without a doubt, tree roots in drain are a situation in which any homeowner will never want to be.

What Are The Symptoms of Roots in The Drain Lines?

 Tree Roots in Drains
There are two common symptoms that you need to look after when concerned about the presence of roots in the drain pipes and these are
  • When blocks in the pipes become a frequent issue and get stubborn with time. This indicates that the roots have grown bigger and this is affecting the performance of the pipes to a greater extent. In certain cases, the drain gets eventually clogged and cannot be cleaned with the use of a plunger.
  • The second symptom is where you notice roots coming out from the area where water drains. This happens when the tree roots in drain grow along with the path of pipelines and finally make their way to the kitchen sink or shower drains.

Steps to Take When You Suspect Tree Roots in Drain

Tree Roots Drains
There are three steps that must be taken when you suspect the presence of roots in the drain and these are

1. Examine the fixtures: Clogging, leakage or slow water flow can occur due to a myriad of reasons. Therefore, a good idea is to examine the fixtures of the system first and trace whether you are able to see tree roots in the drain or not. At first you can make use of arguer and extend it till 6 feet so that it can reach the area where roots are usually found in drains. In certain cases, the arguer will even pull back a few roots and this will confirm its presence.

2. Stop using the drain at once: Once the presence of roots is confirmed then the next step is to stop using the drainage system of the house at once. If you overlook roots and keep on using the system then this can lead to potential damage that would require repair or in worst cases replacement of the entire system as well. Hence, if you want to save yourself from such unwanted expenses then it is wise to stop the usage of drains immediately. 

3. Seek help from a reliable professional: The last and one of the most important steps is to contact a reputable professional who can help you in the removal of tree roots from the drain. For this you should consider hiring experienced professional who specialize in such services and thus will be able to deliver the quality of services that you are looking for and that too at a reasonable value.

How to Find Reliable Plumbers for Tree Root Removal Service?

There are innumerable professionals who guarantee that they are an ideal choice for removing tree roots in drains, but out of the many you have to identify the correct plumber for this job. To do this you can consider their reputation including for how long they have been serving as a plumber and what do their previous customers have to say about them, the type of services that they are able to offer and whether this will be beneficial for the purpose and finally what are their service charges. 

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