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5 Tips to Consider While Designing Custom Sports Uniforms for Your Cricket Team

Uniforms are crucial in any form of professional sport. It unifies your team and gives them a sense of belonging in a group. The same is true with your cricket team. Whether your team is playing at the national level or city level, it is crucial to have a uniform that is unique. Designing a custom sports uniforms for your team can be an enjoyable experience. However, the whole objective of sport uniforms could go wrong if not done right. When designing custom sports uniforms for your cricket team you need to consider crucial factors such as color, size and comfort. A few of these factors and other essential tips are considered further below:

Custom Sports Uniforms  

1.      Comfort Level

Ensure that the uniform is comfortable to wear since your players will have to spend a long time on field. Use material that is light to wear and is pleasant for skin. Some materials that you can go for are jersey style material, polyester, jacquard and cotton. Different materials give a different shine or look to the uniform so go with one based on the overall look you would like on the uniform. Additionally, think about functionality. Some materials help to instantly absorb the sweat and thereby increasing the comfort levels of your cricket players, whereas others are resistant to stains. So consider the look, functionality and comfort level of players to make the best choice. Also, ensure that you get sport uniforms that fit perfectly for every player. Therefore, you need to take perfect measurements to get the perfect fit.

2.      Personalization with Name & Color

The whole objective of the custom sports uniforms is to unify the team and a unique team name serves the purpose. Have the team name in an attractive font very prominent on the T-shirt so that they can easily be identified and promote unity in the group. Additionally, you can personalize it further by having the players name on their custom sports uniforms as well. This can give them sense of belonging and assure them that they are an integral part of the team.
Along with the names, choosing the right color is also important. The color will define the mood of the team and will make them stand out. Red, blue and black are very common colors used in custom sports uniforms for cricket teams. You could stick to these colors and play safe. However, choose one or maximum of two colors for the custom sports uniforms to keep it simple. You could experiment and try out other colors like purple, orange or even pink.

3.      Accessories

Along with the basic custom sports uniforms, consider designing other accessories as well such as caps and sweaters. These accessories will match the design of custom sports uniforms or can stand out. You could have the team name or logo on the front of the cap and the player’s name at the back. Shoes are another important accessory that you can think about. You could have uniform design and color for all team players or give them the freedom to go for ones that they are comfortable in.

Custom Sports Uniforms
4.      Overall Look – Vintage, Classic or Modern:

The easy you design your custom sports uniforms will be the style that you would want in your overall look. You could go for a vintage look with simple and plain colors or for a more classic and simple combination with not much jazz to it. If you wish to be different you could opt for a modern look with graphics and bold colors in the custom sports uniforms. Whatever be the case, the bottom line is keep it simple, professional and pleasant to the eyes. You do not want your cricket players to look like clowns on the cricket field.

Keep these tips in mind when designing custom sports uniforms for your cricket team and get your boys going!

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