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5 Signs That Indicates That Your Sash Window Needs Replacement

Sash windows are basically made with wood panels and glass. These double-glazed sash windows can provide you better longevity than other windows. But after a certain time, you may find cracks, holes and damages on these wooden panes and it means it is time for your sash window replacement. It is suggested to repair, conserve or replace your sash window before winter because during winter season, it is very difficult to install them. Most traditional houses design their windows with double glazed sash window and these windows can be operated vertically or horizontally. If you have such windows in your home, then you can easily replace these windows, or else you can also do some restoration work on these window panels to make these more attractive and steady.

Sash Window
Sash Window

Sash Window Replacement – Look Out for These 5 Signs

1. Wood condition: Firstly, you need to check the wood panes of your sash window. Wood is a natural product and earlier people used to install these windowpanes and they painted these panes with some moisture free colors. It is seen that after a prolonged use, you can find cracks, damages, decay and rot on these woods. Especially the organic properties like wood can be affected by moisture and heat. Also, you will find some holes on these window panes and if you do not replace these old sash windows then you have to pay a huge energy bill every month.

2. Parts of the window: Sash windows are designed and made with hinges, screws and pulleys. It is impossible to maintain these small parts of the window on a regular basis. You need to open and close the sash window to find the difficulty in its operation, and if the sash window does not operate smoothly, then the cause might be the weak and poor window parts. You may also find some friction on these hinges and this indicates that you need sash window replacement immediately. This is not a big deal and you can easily replace these small parts by hiring professional mechanic. It will cost you less and you do not really need to change the whole window.

3. Window panes: Window panes can easily get affected by moisture and you may find some cracks on these window panes. If you do not replace these damaged windowpanes right during the time of emergency, then these wooden panes can destroy your whole window during natural disasters. So be aware and always try to find these cracks at an initial stage and replace the sash window immediately. 

Sash Window Replacement
Sash Window Replacement
4. Noise pollution: Sash windows can prevent noise pollution and it can provide you a peaceful atmosphere. If you can hear external noises even after closing your sash window, then there might be some holes and inner cracks on your window panes and channels. In this regard, you cannot find these cracks from the outside and you have to dismantle the whole window and replace it.

5. Energy saving: People now are more cautious about global warming and they think about energy saving solutions. According to a survey, it has been proved that a sash window can save your energy consumption bill. The windowpanes and glasses can block the heat during summer and keep your rooms cool. Alternatively, during winter, these windows can block the cool airflow and keep your rooms warm. However, if you find any reverse effects then you must replace the sash window.

Sash window is a traditional styled window and you can find these windows in old buildings. You need to repair and replace these windows on time because these windows are built with solid wooden structure, and this natural wood can easily be damaged due to harsh weather. So, get your sash window replacement in time and enjoy its benefits for a long time.

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