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Types of Engineered Oak Flooring that is best for Children, Families and Pets

If a household has pets and children, the owner of the house should look for an engineered floor that is hard-wearing and can last for a lifetime.

The advantages of engineered oak flooring are:

  • Oak flooring is healthy, as with its organic origin and non-electromagnetic nature, it attracts less dust. In addition to this, this flooring keeps away allergens or molds that result in traveling allergies. Along with this, engineering oak flooring makes it very comfortable for babies to play on it and can be easily installed.
  • Oak is very popular and easily available. Hence, it has been made available in an array of styles, grades and dimensions.
  • It is resistant to insect and fungal attacks.
  • Oak flooring provides an old rustic look to the house or room in which it is installed.
  • Since oak is very hard, it is very durable and extremely hard wearing.
  • Oak flooring grows better over the years. Over a period of time, the wood color will look richer and more beautiful.
Engineered Oak Flooring

Along with the advantages, some of the disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration before choosing engineered oak flooring are listed below:

  • This flooring requires regular polishing if it is installed in a high-traffic area. However, the cost of polishing is relatively high.
  • Needs to be maintained regularly in order to avoid termite attacks.
  • This flooring gets damaged if water seeps through. Hence, it is very important for users to avoid leaving pools of water on the floor. Mopping does not result in damage but care should be taken to ensure that water is not dripping from the mop.
  • This type of flooring is not suitable for an Indian kitchen.
  • This flooring can be scratched by pet nails, heels and other sharp-pointed objects.
The different types of engineered oak flooring available in the market are listed below. Users can make a choice based on the size of their household, a number of pets, and the amount of time spent inside the house.

  • Vintage Engineered Honey Oak
    • Since oak scores very high on the Janka Hardness scale, it has served many families and generations very well. Vintage engineered honey oak hides the damage caused by children and pets over the years, gives a wire-brushed finish to the room, and also provides a sense of history.
  • Engineered Cypress Oak
    • Along with providing an exotic and rustic look with its cream and honey tones punctuated by irregular, dark knots, this is an excellent choice of flooring for households with kids and pets.
Engineered Oak Flooring

Differences between Engineered Red Oak and Engineered White Oak

  • Color- Red oak is slightly pinkish in color and weighs less compared to engineered white oak.
  • Graining – Red oak has stronger graining compared to white oak. White oak looks smoother compared to red oak. Few people like red oak because strong graining helps in hiding the dents and scratches. Others prefer the smoother white oak in order to get a less busy look. Red oak has less mineral streaks. Hence, people prefer white oak to red oak to give the flooring a more contemporary look.
  • Hardness – Even though red oak is softer than white oak, it reduces the visibility of dents when compared to white wood.
  • Compatibility with stair treads and accessories – Red oak is more frequently used in saddles, banisters, and stair treads. If the user has oak stair treads, he/she should use red oak to match the stair treads.
  • Resistance to water – Since white oak is a type of closed grained wood, it is more resistant to damage caused by water. So, white oak is more suitable to be used in households that contain children and pets.
We hope that this article brief you about how Engineered Oak Flooring is the best option for your home.

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