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5 Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Brake Repair Service

Brakes are a crucial component of your car- but do you know how to maintain them or when should they be replaced? Many people will not be aware of this because brakes are clearly one of the overlooked aspect of the car. However, proper care and maintenance taken on time can apparently be beneficial in the long run and  at the same time protects the car from collision.

So, if you are still confused with the idea of brake repair service and want to know more about the symptoms that will make you realize whether your brake is at its best condition or not then you have arrived at the perfect destination. This article will unfold 5 common signs that indicate your brake requires immediate professional help.

Brake Repairs


When you hear unusual grinding or squealing, it means that there is some sort of serious problems with the brake, indicating the pads have been worn out or the system is not operating as it should. In fact, when the sound turns harsh with time then the metals of the brake are grinding against the rotor, which if goes unnoticed or is not repaired within a short time can lead to serious issues. This is the reason why experts suggest to act immediately when you start hearing such noises, so that it can be addressed before it takes the shape of a major concern.


If the car trends to pull in a particular direction when you apply the brakes then this means that the brakes are not adjusted properly or there is probably leakage of brake fluid or it has worn out and thus has to be replaced. On the other hand, pulling might even occur due to stuck caliper, as this creates friction and starts pulling the car to opposite direction.

Similarly, a collapse hose or uneven brake pads can apply pressure unevenly on the system and this would simultaneously affect the wheels to a great extent. Hence, the moment you feel that the call is pulling on itself then do consider to consult a mechanic instantly.


When you apply brake all of a sudden then the system undergoes a rapid pedal pulsing to stop the car immediately, but even if in such a scenario the brake is functioning like in normal circumstances then this means that there is something wrong with the system. This problem could have arose due to warped rotors or uneven surfaces on the pads, as a result of which, it is not able to respond the way it should.


Along with these, the brakes can provide many more symptoms indicating that they need repair immediately. For instance, if the brake is easy to push than it was before, then this reflects that the hydraulic system has deteriorated, where the problem might be brake fluid leak or air leak.  Finally, if stopping the car seems to be a hassle then this is an obstruction in the brake line that requires proper fix.


Cars commonly comprises of brake fluids which triggers the calipers so that they can squeeze at the rotor, and the friction that occurs between them stops the car. So, with time these pads often wither and needs to be replaced.

Checking the thickness of the brake pads can also determine whether your car requires brake repair servicePaying attention to the warning signs that indicate a need of service can mean the difference between life and death on the road.

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