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Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Granite Pavers for your Home

Your garden is your haven of peace and there’s nothing you’d like better than to relax in your garden and enjoy nature’s beauty. Your garden, though, is not all about plants. Choosing the right pavement is important to achieving that all-important soothing appearance and making your garden look alluring. While natural stones look great in a garden, granite pavers are fast gaining popularity primarily because of their durability. Despite being a bit more expensive than their natural counterparts, these pavers are beautiful and last for really long, thereby giving you good value for the money you’ve put into your gardening project.

Granite Pavers

Why Choose the Right Pavers 

Apart from adding an entirely different appearance to your garden or home, the right pavers can either help your plants grow better or even kill them. Depending on the area in which you live, the right pavers can make a difference to your plants. If you live in a cooler area, for example, granite pavers can trap heat into the soil and help your perennial plants thrive. Additionally, these pavers can be used as boundaries as well, especially if your garden is not exactly on a flat surface. When you choose the right pavers, you can be sure to change the appearance of your garden while helping your plants feel great.

How to Choose the Right Granite Pavers

  • Choose your granite pavers so that they add an elegant touch to your garden. Choose the right ones that blend in well with your existing décor and exteriors so that they look like an extension of your home and not that of your neighbor's. Granite comes in different forms, from natural finishes to different colors and blends of finishes. Choosing the one that gives your garden the right appearance is vital if you’re to get the best out of it. Experts suggest choosing granite pavers that contrast with the rest of your garden, but keep in trend with your overall theme.
  • Consider the plan you have for your garden. Do you plan to use pavers for your pavements alone or do you plan to use them to form edges or themes? Depending on your plan, choose granites that add a rich look to your home. Some patterned granites are designed with heat minimizing features, so if you live in hotter climate but want to still use granite pavers then hunt for those with special features. On the contrary, if you live in colder climates, choose polished granite that can last and withstand extreme climatic conditions.
Garden Granite Pavers
  • Get samples of the granite pavers you plan to use before you start on your work. Construct a dummy pavement before you start with the final job and see whether it meets your requirements. If the pavers are ideal for your home, check on warranty options if applicable and ask the manufacturer or supplier about all details of the granite.
  • Check on the precise thickness of the stones before you choose them. Pavements can be constructed of stones of different thickness, depending on their usage. If you plan to pave your drive-way, you need to opt for greater thickness in comparison to when you’re paving a pathway in your garden. Also, ensure that the pavers are set properly so that your vehicle doesn’t skid on rainy days.
  • Check on costs before you finalize your purchase. You will be surprised to know the difference in costs for the same type of granite pavers with different suppliers. So check on the quality you need, the precise finish and the right thickness and compare quotes. Choose quality over cheap variants to ensure that you get the best out of your pavers and don’t have to spend a lot more to replace them down the line.
To conclude, choosing the right granite pavers can enhance your garden, walkway or driveway. Choose your pavers with care and watch your home come alive.

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