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Tips to Design an Amazing Custom Basketball Uniform

Basketball Uniform

Uniforms play an important part in both individuals as well as team contests. It allows the spectators and other players as well to recognise which team the player belongs to. Every generation and every sport have different styles of sports uniforms. Some have straightforward t-shirts of the same colour. Others have elaborate logos, the name of the team, the participant name and/or the number of the player. With so many ways to design uniforms, it can get a little confusing. Here are some tips to designing amazing custom basketball uniforms for basketball teams: 

a) There should be enough contrast between the color of the design and the custom basketball uniforms. The same goes for the lettering or the numbering. Many teams have colours which are darker and these such as forest green, uniform navy or maroon do not look good when there are black outlines with them. White outlines set the lettering apart. However, when this is paired with light colors like pink, yellow and Columbia blue it may not go well too.

b) Complementary colors should be used. These are the colors which are furthest apart on the color wheel. For example, yellow and purple, or blue and orange, or even red and green would be a perfect combo to go with. These variations have been used for different occasions even for events such as Christmas where boys are dressed in blue and girls in pink.  If you do not want complementary colors, you should choose colours which have a good relationship with each other.

Custom Basketball Uniform

c) There are various kinds of fonts that can be chosen and they should be bold and large to give a crisp and soft look. Fonts which are busy or too cramped are difficult to read and should be avoided. All capital letters should be avoided too if scripts or fanciful fonts are used. These are extremely hard to read when all the letters are in caps. 

d) The lettering should stand out. If the jerseys are pinstriped, then the lettering of the same colour as the pin stripes works only if the words literally jump out of the design. This can be done by outlining it in either white or grey incase the jersey is a dark colour, or it should be outlined in red or black if the jersey is in light colours.

e) Using technology any image can be put on the custom basketball uniforms. There are CAD cut vinyl films which can be used. With CAD cut films, there are various colours that can be chosen and this works well for different colour design images and are simple. Great work can be produced pretty easily with these CAD cut films.

f) When custom artwork is requested, you need to see proof of what it will look like. This helps you get an idea of the colours, the fonts, check spelling errors – if any and much more.

g) The best designs for custom basketball uniforms are those that are simple. These should use multiple colours but should not have too many panels or shoulder designs or fancy ribbing for the neck and arms. They should use modest two colour panels and that is all that it should have.

h) If the team name is very large, it can be knocked into the tail and the logo of the team should be well highlighted on the custom basketball uniforms. If you do not have a logo, you can either have a design house make one for you for free or for a small fee.

These are some things to be considered when designing custom basketball uniforms. Follow these and get professional designs ready for your custom basketball uniforms and play the game with pride!

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