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What Are the Different Types of Basins Available in The Market?

Not long time ago, people did not have many alternatives in a basin. However, the manufacturers have stepped up in their game and are now coming up with interesting options to pick from. Right from interesting colors to shapes and sizes, you will find sinks for your bathrooms and counter tops in kitchen. In fact, you will be tempted to buy the different types of sinks like the artistic, vintage, contemporary etc.

Different types of basins:

  • Countertop Basin:

When you look at the sinks in the countertop section, you will come across 4 types within them. The top-mount sink will sit on the bathroom vanity or the kitchen countertop. The under-mount ones have to be installed under the cabinet. When you open the cabinet, it will open up the sink under it. The vessel like will sit over the sink or the cabinet. You can also choose the customized basin for any shortage of space. In this respect, you can contact with the retailer and they will import such kinds of customized basins for you.  

  • Wall-Mounted Basin:

You will come across sinks that are wall–mounted. They are particularly suitable for commercial complexes or industrial areas. Since the plumbing is open and exposed, one can easily perform repair or renovations work around it easily. This is a hidden style basin and you can design this basin inside your cabinet also. For the installation of this basin, you need to hire some professionals in this field, and they can install and concretize your basin area in a proper way.

  • Free-Standing Pedestal Sinks:
Plinth sinks hearken back to vintage times, but they still work in bathrooms short on space. The sink and stand come in two parts. The sink is mounted atop a freestanding plinth, with designs following a variety of styles, from vintage to modern. In most plinth sink installations, some of the plumbing may be exposed to view.

  • Console Sinks:
Similar to the wall-mounted basins, the console sinks come with 2 legs that are positioned in the frontal part. They extend from its front towards the ground. You will find such sinks at architectural places.

How do you purchase the perfect basin for your home?

Basin Design
 It is important that you think carefully and invest in the basins for your home orthe office. There are several factors that you should consider while purchasing yourself a sink. Some of the most crucial features that you cannot miss out are:


Initially, the manufacturers would invest in porcelain or vitreous china. There was a time people would not imagine sinks beyond these two materials. However, the traditional porcelain is now replaced with natural stones. You will come across basins made of marble, granite or travertine.


With the technology to cut the stones and design them into a sink, you can imagine several things for your sink. However, you need to be practical. Do not overlook the space that is available to you for fitting the sink. Also, the design heavily depends on the kind of material that you choose for the sink.


It is important that you pick on a sink that matches with your existing bathroom arrangement. Hence, while you are being considerate about the design and the size, you should be cautious about the color you choose.

When you weigh your options carefully, you will definitely buy the right one for your place. The job does not end once the sink is fixed at its place. You need to clean the basin to get the best longevity period and for washing guidelines, you can ask the retailers. It is suggested to avoid using harmful chemicals and acids in your basin because they can spread infection in your home and pipelines. 

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