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Beautiful Heritage Windows to Endow Your House with Charm

What eyes are to human beings windows are to houses. Today’s houses have a more or less bland look with factory engineered aluminum-glass, steel or uPVC-glass combinations. Traditional windows made of hardwood gave the house character that modern designs find hard to emulate. Hand-crafted with select woods and with intricate detail, these windows grab attention and make one pause and admire them. It is possible to recreate the period aesthetics with selection of heritage windows and you can search from the antique styles to the pure hardwood styles that fit well into the interior and exterior parts of your home. 

Description of a typical heritage window

Period houses had rather elaborately designed heritage windows. Typical parts of the windows you come across in older houses constructed about 50 to 100 years ago or even before that would comprise:
  • Pediment. This is the exterior part providing the framing for the window with a triangular upper part and side columns.
  • Casement with wooden sashes and side hinges.
  • Mullions divide the vertical sashes.
  • The muntin is a smaller frame within each sash used to enclose glass panes.
  • The lintel, rabbet and jamb, all of which make up the frame of the window, also including drip molding and sills.

It is easy to see why wood heritage windows are not so common these days. It requires high quality hardwood to ensure durability of 20 years, to make quality heritage windows. Hand working wood is expensive given labor costs these days and then there are sundry other matters such as applying putty, primer and overcoat painting that can add to the cost. Such windows also need to be maintained on a regular basis to prevent insect infestation and rot and they must be prevented from getting infested and eaten by worms and moths.

You can also try out a whole lot of customized options:

Replicas heritage windows in aluminum, steel or uPVC are not the right solution of you want excellent value with superior aesthetics.
  • Window manufacturers have the craftsmen, tools and know how to create heritage windows in a variety of styles and designs using wood or more modern uPVC and aluminum.
  • Customization includes specifying the use of period style brass hinges, the paint or varnish on the wood frame, weather bar style and glass.
  • Since you are getting them made, it makes sense to opt for double paned windows that are better when it comes to sound and heat insulation. You can replace existing windows with period heritage style windows to transform looks of your house. Heritage windows may be mandatory replacements when it comes to maintenance of heritage properties.

Is it worth the extra expense?

Some may view windows as being purely functional with the main purpose being to let in air and light. However, opting for heritage windows has several advantages:
  • It improves the look of your property and adds to it value. Should you plan to sell it the heritage look will fetch a higher price. Match them with heritage doors and your house takes on a wonderful, period look.
  • Heritage sash windows open fully and can let in more light and air. When closed, the panes can create their own interesting patterns.
  • Heritage design and modern construction of windows using modern materials is probably the best compromise in terms of cost and functionality.
If women take great care to enhance their eyes it is for a good reason. It makes them look good. Windows are eyes of your house and must show character. Heritage windows mark your house as special.

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