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Why do your vehicles need pink slip e-safety inspection?

Folks having heavy vehicles like cars, caravans and light vehicles like motorbikes need to clear the e-Safety check issued usually by Roads and Maritime and Services (RMS). This procedure of organized inspection and valid certification is followed in order to make sure all the vehicles in the country meet minimum safety standards and compliance. Safety is something that must be maintained while driving so that there won’t be any unexpected hazard on the road and no life will be compromised in the end.

vehicle inspection

Most vehicles undergo e-Safety check inspection process before renewing the automobile registration. There are other inspections run on vehicles depending on the type of vehicle. The safety check is known as a pink slip before the renewal of registration. This is, in general, applicable to vehicles that are 5 years old in form of annual safety check.

Insight into safety check practices

Conditions applied to vehicles vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on its type and weight. With that point becoming a focus in e-Safety check inspection, trailers that weigh less than 250 kg do not have to go through the inspection procedure.

On other hand, if you receive a notice from RMS stating ‘inspection required’, you need to fetch a pink slip or safety check from authorized inspection stations.

Furthermore, if you fall in the category of those changing the terms of your registration, the way you follow inspection standards will also be affected. You can confirm how different it would be and whether your vehicle requires it for the term or not by contacting the RMS.

Authorized Unregistered Vehicle Inspection for light vehicles

According to RMS terms and policies, Vehicles not registered in New South Wales(NSW) will need a blue slip – an authorized unregistered vehicle inspection before the registration. RMS defines conditions for authorized unregistered vehicle inspections as:
  • Registration that expired more than three months ago
  • Import of a vehicle into NSW from another Australian state, or another country
  • Vehicles with no number plates
  • Written off vehicles approved for re-registration                                          
Pink slip
A pink slip e-Safety check inspection process makes sure that vehicles more than 5 years old are safe to drive under NSW law and regulations. It is part of registration renewal process in New South Wales according to which these vehicles must be inspected and the report through pink slip is issued.
Pink slip reports are sent to RMS in an electronic form. Upon passing the inspection test, you will see a check mark on the pink slip section on the online page RMS for vehicle registration.
White slip
The white slip is issued by safety check station, which is a repairs needed report. The report identifies all the repairs that need to be implemented on your vehicle.
A green slip is issued for motor vehicles registered in NSW and is a legal requirement. It acts an insurance policy that provides compensation for people killed or injured in an unfortunate accident.

What happens when your vehicle fails the safety check?

When the safety check station issues a report of repairs needed for your vehicle under registration renewal process, the repairs suggested in the white slip must be completed within 14 days of report issuance. If you do not perform all the correction mentioned in the report within this period, the slip will expire. This will require you to revisit safety check station to issue another safety check inspection, which will impose new safety check fee on you.

You must meet the appropriate standards as declared by inspection authority. Your repairs status will be checked to ensure the expected standards. If they are satisfied with the repairs, your vehicle will pass the e-Safety check process. As a result a new passed e-Safety check report and the previous repairs needed report will be cleared, after which you are qualified for renewed registration.

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