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Tips to Paint Aluminum Windows

There are many ways that you can use in order to enhance the appearance of your home and one simple way is to paint the window frames. Even your old aluminum windows could be painted in order to make them look like new. Painting not just enriches its look, instead it also aids in protecting the aluminum from the process of oxidation which is caused because of its prolonged exposure to the air. Aluminum windows are most popular due to the durability, affordability and ease of maintenance. However, one among the things which these window frames need is a new coat of paint on a regular basis. Remember, you cannot simply apply paint on the old paint layer; there are certain steps that you need to follow in order to rightly follow the task.

Aluminium Windows

Steps to follow

  • You need to wash all your aluminium windows before applying the paint or primer. This aids to remove the accumulated dirt or debris. You can make use of warm water mixed with soap or cleansing power in order to clean the window frames. Utilize heavy-duty cloths for cleaning the aluminium windows. Thoroughly remove the loose paint, debris and other dirt. Leave window frames to dry for about 48h.
  • For effective painting, it is better to mix 1 pint of thinner to about 1 gallon of preferably oil-based paint metal primer. Make use of painter’s tape in order to safeguard the siding of your abode. Ensure to tape around all the aluminium frames before applying the primer. You can place drop cloths beneath the windows in order to avert the primer from the concrete walkways.
  • Apply one thin coat of primer utilizing a clean paint brush. Leave it for few hours in order to let it dry and check the same before you apply the paint. It is better to do painting task during summer season or sunny days because the process of drying will be fast.
  • Utilize acrylic latex exterior paints for painting the aluminium windows. Ensure to paint it within 48-hour of the primer application. Follow the instructions for the paint and apply the right number of coats. Make use of cloths to avert the spills. It is better to complete three coats, 1 primer coat and two color paint coats.
  • Leave for few hours, for proper drying of paint. However, this can even take several days because all of it depends upon the weather conditions and the number of paint coats applied. Once the paint is properly dried, you can remove the painter’s tape.
You can give an amazing look to your aluminum windows when you follow the appropriate painting process. It is important to do it rightly in order to have the alluring aluminum windows; otherwise you may end up with the horrible looking window frames. This in turn can ruin the entire look of your home.

Paint Window
Windows play a significant role with regard to the appearance and condition of your home, in addition to this it could be a great indicator of the age of the home or the desires of the home owner. Aluminum windows offer a clean and alluring appearance that facilitates to enhance the overall ambience of the abode by making a neat and stylish frame wherein the light of the day would amazingly shine through.

The weather resistance and sturdiness features of aluminum windows make the idyllic window frames to install to your home. With the well-maintenance of the aluminum windows, its life span can be increased. You can follow the mentioned easy steps to paint your aluminum windows and make it look like a new. If you desire to have long lasting effect, then select a paint which contains high acrylic paint resin. 

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