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How to hire the perfect BMW chauffeur cars for your next event

BMW cars are known for two distinct features; Technology and Luxury. Such a combination definitely takes you to a different level altogether. This one simple reason is enough for you to decide on hiring BMW chauffeur cars for your next event. Chauffeur driven cars offer programs with exclusive features to make sure that you are pampered with high class services, as well as be up to date with the latest technology available. When it comes to technology and luxury, BMW is the leader in this segment. Here are certain important things to keep in mind before you decide on the perfect chauffeur driven BMW car for your next event.

Affordable chauffeur driven services

BMW chauffeur car
With stiff competition, there are a lot of players in the market offering BMW chauffeur car services. Many dealers offer the same car, but at different rates. Of course, that would vary depending on the services that you opt for; however, the different rates should help you decide on what you really need to choose, and what you can avoid.

Registered and licensed
Very importantly, you will need to make sure that the vendor offering BMW chauffeur car services are registered and licensed. That should give you lesser things to worry about and have a stress free ride. If the vendor has a wide network of franchises, you can be assured that they are registered and licensed to be in the business.

Impeccable and latest sedans at your service
To keep up with competition, vendors need to keep their assets impeccably clean. Preferably, clients would opt for the latest models of vehicles. For that reason, vendors would have no option but to keep the latest models of BMWs in their fleet of vehicles.

Round the clock services
In some countries, the city never sleeps. Services are expected from clients round the clock. If one has to stay competitive, offering round the clock services is an excellent way to connect with clients. This is one successful way to increase the clientele, and also would give you room to improve on services by taking constant and more frequent feedback from your clients.

Unmatched services
Services offered could vary from vendor to vendor. Apart from Airport transfers, weddings, tours, and events, it’s the details in the services offered that really matters. In this case, you can call them luxury perks. By luxury perks, a bare minimum of the following will need to be offered:

In-car WI-Fi
BMW cars come built with in-car Wi-Fi connection. This helps anyone to get connected to the World Wide Web instantly to check your messages and respond to them – all during your ride

Daily Newspaper
You can start your day on the right note with the most recent stock market figures and global news. With a selection of newspapers for you to pick from, you might just be spoilt for choice.

Room for four
BMW luxury sedans are well equipped to accommodate a group of four people. Be it an executive trip, or any event that you are off to with your gang, BMWs being the ultimate in luxury and technology, will make sure that you reach your destination as fresh as you got in before the ride, if not better.

Bottled Mineral Water
A bottle of mineral water comes as complimentary.

Soft-closing doors
An amazing feature of the car ensures that you get a smooth welcome by automatic soft closing doors, rather than feeling bundled up into a truck slamming doors closing you in.

Panorama Sunroof
Excellent light quality during day and transforming into night lights during night gives you a smooth transition from day into the night.

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