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Hiring Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Services

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The quality of your indoor air determines the need for air conditioning duct cleaning. However, it is not always possible to say if professional cleaning really required for your system. According to the NADCA, if the vents look and feel dirty, you need to call the cleaners. 

Cleaning the Vents 

There are various kinds of air vents and a few of the specialized ones might need the expert services to clean them up. If polyurethane, galvanized steel and aluminum is fitted in public spaces such as shops, malls, restaurants, offices, businesses and hospitals, then they will need the suitable equipment for cleaning. Most air conditioning duct cleaning companies have a division that takes care of these needs. They also offer annual maintenance contracts. 
When it comes to heating and cooling systems at home, some systems can be cleaned with cleaning agents and household appliances. Homeowners can use non-abrasive liquids and soft cloth for cleaning the ducts. Fabric ducts need vacuuming or washing in order to clean them. 
It is best to call air conditioning duct cleaning professionals when your ventilation systems need cleaning. This is not just a cost effective solution, but it also saves the energy. 

Hiring Cleaning Services 

Air conditioning cleaning

Once you have decided to clean the air conditioning ducts, you should consider the following tips for hiring HVAC cleaning services:

  • Be Careful about the Company: Beware of the companies that claim the need to hire cleaners on a regular basis. A lot of experts such as the EPA or the US Environmental Protection Agency suggest that the duct cleaning should be done only when it is required. However, some people might prefer having their home air ducts cleaned more often, but it is the matter of choice. 
  • What Cleaning Methods are used? Find out the methods used by the air conditioning duct cleaning services. Most will use a vacuum like mechanism to remove mold, debris and dirt. Some companies also use the antimicrobial chemicals for your ducts. Usually, chemical cleaners are not required unless there is really mold or bacteria growing in the ducts. If you choose to approve the antimicrobial cleaning agents in your ducts, make sure that the chemical is approved by the EPA. 
  • Get a Written Contract: If you seen an ad that says $99 for the whole duct cleaning service? That might sound like a great deal, but perhaps it is too good to be true. These sales gimmicks do not mention the add-ons and extra charges that might be applied. Before hiring professional duct cleaners, you need to have a written agreement which will state about the services and the cost that will be levied. 
  • Check with References: Ask your friends, family members and neighbors for recommendations. They will be able to refer reputable air conditioning duct cleaning companies. You may even check with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or the Department of Consumer Affairs of your city to find whether there are any complaints about the company. 
  • Ask for Professional Training and Certifications: All companies that provide professional duct cleaning do not have professional and well-trained staff. If you hire a firm which is less than qualified, then there are more chances of them to fail in order to perform the job according to your expectations. What’s more? They can even damage the heating and cooling system. Choose reliable cleaning services, ideally members of the National Duct Cleaners Association, and with staff members certified as Air Systems Cleaning Specialists. 
  • Check for Insurance and Licenses: Make sure that the air conditioning duct cleaning company is insured and licensed. In a few states, the cleaning companies are required to be licensed. In the absence of adequate licensing, make sure to avoid them.

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