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DIY Fuel Gauges Self Car Repair Guide

The fuel gauges functioning stops for really simple reasons. Using cars frequently makes it easy for fuel gauge damage. You need to make sure that under dash wiring is in proper condition. Without this proper functioning of under dash wiring, one has to fix the fuel gauges. You need to keep in mind of some components like, assembling of gauge, sending unit, wiring of the dash, fuel tank wiring etc. If not comfortable handling it, take the car to any car service or likewise services. On the other hand, you can try car repairs on your own too. 

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Things You Will Need:

  • Test light
  • Alligator clip jumper
  • Petroleum gel or Vaseline
  • Multi-meter

Step one –Check Gear 

Check out the instruments’ fuse and because of the fact that the fuse functions on the voltage limiter. So, when the limiter becomes damaged then you have to change it. This is the basic rule of any car repair. 

Step two – Clear the Car Gauge 

Check out the cluster and look for back lit and functioning of the lights. Turn on the indicator of signal and if it works then you don’t require fixing it. During the cluster removal, one has to do the disconnection of the present battery and then connect it back after the completion of the test. 

Step three – Replace Regulator 

Replace the present regulator and prior to this use your license to purchase one and fixing it. You can also avail one at DIY at the different car repair centers across the city. 

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Step four – Check for burns

Double check the cluster to look for any traces of burns. With the test light, search and do the connection of cluster on one end to the ground. After this start the ignition key and then check the fuel gauge. If you happen to notice dim nature of the red wired light then do gauge removal and after this connect back the wires to the posts. See whether the wires are burnt, if they are then the gauge needs to be fixed immediately. However, car repair services also provide the same for low costs. 

Step five - Wiring 

Do the wiring of the ground with the sending unit, with the use of alligator clip jumper. Now again with the clip jumper, do the grounding of the sending unit. 

Step six – Use Vaseline

Use Vaseline or any other petroleum gel in and around the taps’ end and this would prevent the occurrence of any kind of corrosion. Check the functioning of the unit with the use of a multi-meter. Set it between 0 to 100 ohms and if a full tank then the reading would be between 9 to 10 ohms but an empty tank would have a reading of 96 or 98 ohms. This may seem strange but this car repair technique sure works well. 

Step eight – Final Check 

Check the wiring of the tank and see whether it can make an entrance to the trunk’s body. 


  • Always stick to the basics and not involve in some complicated engineering methods. If complications arise, head to your nearest car repair.
  • It’s part of the common sense, so don’t allow it to go away.
  • If you don’t know the procedures, then call for some professional help or assistance.
  • If you can decipher the problem, then don’t take it on yourself and start fixing the fuel gauge. 

With these easy steps, you can manage your gauge repair for any vehicle. 

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