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Different Problems related to tree roots in drains

One of the reasons for drains getting blocked is the growing of tree roots in them. This problem is difficult to diagnose and a professional is required for it. A blocked drain can cause multiple problems not only for residential but also for commercial complexes. It is advisable to get hold of a professional as soon as you find that the drain seems to be misfunctioning in any way. If this problem is not detected early enough, it might get worse during the monsoons and you will face the drain water overflowing all around your home. Some problems related to Tree Roots in drains are:

1. Most of the structures which are inhabited by human beings have drainage systems which are a major attraction for tree roots, especially places with insufficient rainfall. There are quite a few species of trees which tend to be invasive as the roots of these trees can grow as far as required. Most of the drain pipes are perforated allowing the movement of waste water and these seem an ideal place for the roots to grow. These can not only block the pipes but also split them so that they are not functional any longer.

2. As we are aware that trees do play an important role for the landscape but these can also be spoilsport and cause problems for other plants. Planting trees close to each other compels them to grow in different directions in search of water and nutrients.

3. Though trees tend to grow slowly but if they grow inside the pipes they can lead to serious problems as they exert a lot of pressure on the place they are growing in. Their movement in the ground searching for nutrients and water displaces the soil. Loose soil which is dry, shifts and becomes inefficient to support a load of the structural kind. Though roots are unable to cause direct damage to structures but the displacement of soil can do so. With the movement of soil, the structure on the soil also moves. This can cause cracks in the structures and it weakens the total construction.

tree roots in drains


Tree roots tend to enter the sewer pipes through cracks, leaks or even loose joints. Another reason for this problem is a defective sewer system. It is advisable to make sure that the underground sewer system is maintained from time to time to avoid this problem which can cause a total mess not only in your home but also the area surrounding it.

Roots are generally attracted to the water vapor which escapes through loose joints or cracks in the pipes. This helps them in penetrating the pipe and grow inside the specific pipe. Once inside the pipe, they tend to feed off the water there and grow inside. This fills the pipe with drain mass and get matted with paper, grease or other solid matter which leads to the clogging of the sewer. Once this type of clogging is there, you require the services of a professional to clear it up in the right manner so that you are not faced with the same problem in the future.


You need to call the professional plumber even if you are doubtful about the clogging of your drain or the sewer system. The quicker this problem is sorted out the better it is, as this can save you from major expenses and the mess created by severe clogging of drains. 

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