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5 Ways to make your Laminate Floor Shine as New

Laminated floors are very popular these days. Now what are laminated floors basically? They are basically a multiple layer synthetic product that is fused together with the help of a lamination process. Laminated floors need to be cleaned on a regular basis for its maintenance or else they can get scratched or warped. The cleaning process should be well taken care of so that the harsh cleaners do not damage the lamination or create streaks on the floor. 

Methods of cleaning  

Laminate Flooring

General cleaning is a must in these floors. If you are thinking of a more detailed cleaning, then warm water with mild cleaners is the best option. Here are some of the best ways to clean the floor.

  • Regular sweeping- Sweep regularly so that you do not reach a state where it is impossible to bring your floor back to its original glamour and shine. Regular sweeping also prevents scratching on the floor which is generally caused by the excess dirt or debris or even hair. A better option for cleaning other than sweep is a vacuum with a soft brush. The standard floor brushes have straw bristles which instead of preventing the scratches will do everything to accelerate it. You should go for sweeping in the direction in which the tiles are laid so that any dirt in the grooves of the flooring is cleaned up. Another important thing to keep in mind is to clear the spills immediately. If you let them stay, it will create a permanent stain. Also try to squeeze all up the excess water with a dry cloth.
  • Hot water- Fill your bucket with hot water. The term hot is so relative that it becomes difficult to understand the exact measurement. Well, it needs not to be smoking hot but it should be more than lukewarm. If you properly clean the laminate floor with hot water, then it will not leave any streaks. Moreover, the protective layer of the laminate is not damaged since water is the mildest cleaner till date. Soak the sponge in the hot water and wring out most of it. Give a thorough cleaning to the floor and make sure to go for drying the floor after the cleaning.
  • Vinegar- Create a solution of vinegar and water where they should be in a approx ratio of 3:40. It is better to put the solution in a spray bottle. Vinegar is great for removing stains that make your floor look old. Raw vinegar is very abrasive which is why we need to use it in its diluted form. All you have to do is spray the vinegar solution into the floor area of 1 foot or less at a time and then clean it almost immediately. Spraying the whole floor at the same time will cause damage to the coating of the laminate because you will not be able to wipe the solution immediately.
  • Mild soaps- Fill your bucket with hot water with a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo.  Do not empty a bottle of them into the water. A little amount is more than enough for the work. Soak your mop and wring out the excess water. Clean your floor with the cleanser and then again mop the area with clean water since cleanser will make it slippery. After you have cleaned, go for the drying.
Laminate Floor
Stains such as blood or chewing gums do not come off easily. With proper method, you can clean them as well. Window cleaner should be used for blood stain removal and plastic knife would help the floor get rid of chewing gum. So you get the desired floor pattern with these shining tips that make your laminate floor look like new.

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